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RetroRoom Theme

  • Hello Folks, im a noob to the Retropie world..learned about Raspberry Pi about a month ago..and Retropie few weeks later..i recently learned to make my own theme on AttractMode, and hope to learn about Emulationstation as well. :)

    This theme i created on my own, and did the graphics using photoshop.

    [RetroRoom Theme ](

    RetroRoom Theme Image)

  • It looks nice. I don't know anything about attract mode, but it reminds me of the OldRoom theme by @Nismo.

    If you want to learn theme making for EmulationStation, there is a tutorial in the docs. It's not up to date with the new video previews and custom carousel stuff, but it will give you the basics to start.

  • @mattrixk I did something like that as well with a Simpson touch to it..will upload i a bit :)

  • This is a great looking theme. I love the multi layer videos. I know in ES you can modify video size and position but I do not know if you can have "videos" (or just a video) as the background image in ES. @TMNTturtlguy has a bit of skill in exiting the theme layout configuration. :) You can also remove the white bar in the middle now but I am not sure if you can switch to a vertical list. If you could make your logo a video maybe you could build it that way. In other words have your entire TV section there be the system logo.

  • @fernbuilds @modmaster I replied to one of the other posts of these cool themes already. Unfortunately alot of what you are doing currently not available in retropie. Videos cannot be played in the system selection view. I have put in a request to the group who works on the ES programming and it is on their radar, but they are working on a lot of more important and beneficial updates at the moment. The carousel modifications is a new feature just introduced a few weeks ago, you can do vertical and you can remove or color the bar behind the logos. You are not able to make a logo a video. Another thing i see in your themes are multiple videos or moving elements, to my knowledge, retropie can only use one video per view and it is linked to the gamelist. Lastly, as of right now there is a transition between every system view in retropie. Another programmer is currently working to allow the background to stay constant, however right now you either slide or fade the entire background every time you scroll systems.

    Hope some of this helps answer some questions. Look forward to seeing what you can develop!

  • Everything @TMNTturtlguy just said is correct.

  • @mattrixk thats odd...all my Snaps work ...are you referring to the Preview Videos per game/collection? if so all mine work and i am using AM on robospin_v4 theme on Retropie.

  • @fernbuilds we are talking about emulationstation. Most users on this forum use emulationstation with retropie. What you are showing in your theme is not possible in Emulationstation.

  • @TMNTturtlguy yea i dont know much about ES...i did do my own theme though..i will share later during the day...but i heard that you can remove that annoying white menu bar now....with a carousel update ...

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