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PlayStation does what MAMEdon't: list of PS1 arcade ports

  • It's obvious that post-2003 versions of MAME suffer from massive slowdowns, especially on 3D (polygonal) titles, while 2000 and 2003 builds aren't much compatible either.

    The solution to expanding the arcade game collection for titles such as the Tekken series is PS1 emulation that works decently on the Pi 3.

    As I don't want to add a huge amount of titles (due to the massive storage requirements of CD images) and I mostly care about arcade games, I'm making a list of arcade ports for the PS1 that MAME/FBA can't run (properly or at all):

    Air/Ace Combat
    Air/Ace Combat 2
    Air/Ace Combat 3
    Area 51 (not sure if it works with gamepads)
    Arkanoid Returns (works with non-libretro MAME)
    Batman Forever
    Battle Arena Toshinden series (though only 2 was an arcade game)
    Bishi Bashi Special
    Bloody Roar
    Bloody Roar 2
    Bubble Bobble II / Bubble Symphony (unreleased but complete, works with non-libretro MAME/AdvMAME)
    Capcom vs. SNK Pro
    Cleopatra Fortune (works with non-libretro MAME/AdvMAME)
    Crypt Killer (not sure if it works with gamepads)
    Cyber Sled
    Dance Dance Revolution
    Darius Gaiden (works with non-libretro MAME/AdvMAME)
    Dead or Alive
    Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
    Fighters Impact
    Gauntlet Legends
    Guilty Gear (honourable mention)
    Heaven's Gate
    Hydro Thunder
    Maximum Force (not sure if it works with gamepads)
    Midnight Run
    Mortal Kombat 4
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy (honourable mention)
    Mr. Driller
    NBA Hangtime
    NBA Jam Extreme
    NBA Showtime
    Ninja Hayate (alternative to Daphne)
    Pac Man World 20th Anniversary (honourable mention)
    Parodius Jikkyou Oshaberi
    Pitfall 3D (honourable mention)
    Point Blank series (not sure if it works with gamepads)
    Pong: The Next Level (honourable mention)
    Pop'n Pop
    Power Diggerz/Shovel
    Pro Pinball Series (honourable mention for pinball)
    Primal Rage
    Psychic Force
    Psychic Force 2012
    Puchi Carat
    RC de GO!
    Rampage 2: Universal Tour (honourable mention)
    Rampage World Tour (works with non-libretro MAME)
    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (honourable mention)
    Revolution X (not sure if it works with gamepads)
    Ridge Racer
    Rival Schools
    Road Blaster (alternative to Daphne)
    Robotron X
    San Francisco Rush
    Sexy Parodious (works with non-libretro MAME)
    Side by Side Special
    Soul Edge/Blade
    Star Gladiator
    Star Sweep
    Street Fighter EX
    Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
    Street Fighter: The Movie (indirect arcade port)
    Strider/Hiryu 2
    Tekken 2
    Tekken 3
    Tempest 2000 (honourable mention)
    Terra Diver
    Thunder Storm (alternative to Daphne)
    Time Crisis
    Time Gal (alternative to Dapnhe)
    Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama
    Touki Denshou Angel Eyes
    War Gods
    Xevious 3D/G+

    I'm pretty sure that my list is incomplete, you are very welcome to submit more arcade titles that were ported to the PS1.

  • @matchaman Some corrections from taking a quick look at this:
    The arcade versions of Wonder3 (3 Wonders), Strikers 1945, Dodonpachi, and In The Hunt ran fine last time I checked.
    There was never an arcade version of Harmful Park.
    Daphne games inferior to the ps1 versions? haha.
    I wish I could get the Daphne version of Time Gal running but I gave up a while back.

  • If I recall correctly, Cyberbots works fine on FBA. Also, another (exceptionally good) alternative to Mortal Kombat Trilogy is the Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy rom hack for UMK3 on the Genesis.

  • Updated with the aforementioned corrections. As for the Laserdisc titles, I am having trouble with several Daphne titles and that's why I suggested those instead.

    The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy hack is great and even more complete than MKT but the graphics are quite limited in comparison.

  • Global Moderator


    I am having trouble with several Daphne titles

    I've never heard an explanation as to why, but several titles are indeed non-functional on the Rpi version of Daphne.

    The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy hack is great and even more complete than MKT but the graphics are quite limited in comparison.

    Something else to consider is the release of 'Mortal Kombat Trilogy' for DOS. It is a direct port of MKT v1.1 for the Playstation, but it eliminates load times which, among other things, makes playing as Shang Tsung smooth as glass.

  • I didn't know about the DOS port! Great to hear because indeed those loading times where unjustified for the content.

  • I'd add JoJo's Adventure to the list; much better in both PS1 and Dreamcast as supposed to MAME or FBA, which are choppy and laggy af

    As always, depending on your board/sd/setup, YMMV

  • @Shizzmoney On which Pi is Jo Jo slower? It runs fullspeed on my pi2 and my pi3 using fba.

  • Both JoJo games run fine on my stock Pi 3 with lr-fba, I see no slowdown whatsoever.

  • Also under AdvanceMame Jojo runs perfect as well as Warzard and SF3:2nd Strike, as far as CPS3 is concerned.

  • Updated with Capcom vs. SNK Pro. I always thought it's the same with SNK vs Capcom but it's a totally different game, with Capcom-based style instead!

  • Taito F3 ("Bubble Bobble 2", "Arkanoid Returns", "Cleopatra Fortune", "Darius Gaiden", ...) is supported in fba since 2 months (release .40).

  • @barbudreadmon Unfortunately, they're too slow to be enjoyable. ~30fps in fba. ~45fps in mame2003.

  • @Darksavior i got Taito F3 Games playable under AdvanceMame since v3.x
    Give it a try 😉

  • @matchaman said in PlayStation does what MAMEdon't: list of PS1 arcade ports:

    Rampage World Tour

    works fine on Pi3 with mame. Check here.

    Sexy Parodius

    Also works fine.

  • @sirhenrythe5th It's not a libretro core. I'm spoiled:P I'm fine with whatever ports ended up on ps1.

  • Correct. Bubble Symphony runs great on AdvMame.

    Time Crisis works (or should work) with a pad, though it's far from ideal. I owned it on the PSX with the light gun, and it was a fun game to play. You'd plug in a second pad to the player 2 port and use it as a pedal.


    Edit: oh. You missed Bishi Bashi Special. Great multiplayer party-like game.

  • Updated with your notes.

    I personally avoid non-libretro emulators, I'm also spoiled! :D

  • @Darksavior I just used a new rom dump for and it worked. I must of had a bad dump previously.

  • @matchaman just to unterstand this for me: what is the big advantage of using libreto-Mame?
    Is it only the point that you dont have to map the Inputs a second time or is there something else?

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