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Scraping only low quality pictures

  • I'm really loving the SSelph scraper, especially the speed compared to the built-in scraper, but even though I've disabled the "thumbnails only" and set the min. width to 400 pixels, the box art getting scraped looks absolutely horrid for many games.

    Heavily compressed jpegs all around, is there something I'm doing wrong?

    I'm running Retropie 4.2 and the scraper is updated as per today also.

  • @AndersHP Unfortunately, that's their original size if you visit the source of the pics like You can try to add your own high res screenshots but the pi/emulation station can't handle it and you will encounter pauses when scrolling. My guess is try another front-end. I'm waiting on a build for the Pegasus front-end.

  • I downloaded seperate images for every single game of my setup (~2000).
    Takes a lot of time but is worth the work imo.
    I never was happy with the results of the scrapers.

    The size of the image - files should not be over 1 Megabyte to avoid slowdowns when browsing the gamelist.

  • @AndersHP The scraper's default does convert the images to jpg with a quality of 75. The option for width is max width so it will resize anything larger but if it is already smaller then it won't do anything.

  • I used the scraper several months ago with games db as the source, or whatever it was at the time (not, I believe, and the quality was reasonable enough for me not to complain - and I'm somewhat picky.

    Maybe there's an option to change source in the scraper?

  • @sselph
    OK, thanks. I really appreciate the work everyone is putting into these applications for our retrogaming machines, and I hate to sound ungrateful. I'd just love if the scrapers did a better job of getting nice images.

    I'm beginning to lean towards no scraping and just having games-lists, because the way my setup looks like now, I think the low-res games images is the weakest point of the whole interface... And manually scraping will take me forever :-)

  • @AndersHP If you want the max quality from my scraper you can try passing -img_format="png" -max_width=0

  • @sselph sorry for being a n00b, but how do I do this? I'm just running your scraper from the TUI...

  • For informations, screenshot on screenscraper are in native résolution. Don't expect to have a full HD picture from a gameboy screenshot for exemple.

    All picture you can found in 'better' quality are just a upscale of That.

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