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"Forward" keys to other key input for individual games in vice.

  • Hi. My issue is so meta that I don't even know how to describe it, but let me try.
    Good old C64 old had one joystick button and primarily used keyboards for "other functions" in games. I would like a more arcady feel on my picade than to fiddle with a key board.

    The joystick on the picade is configured as keypresses, which I then configure as the keyset in vice for up, down, left, right and the fire button, which is all well and good, but what if I want to use "Enter" for one of my other buttons? None of my buttons is configured for "enter" in retropie, but let's say Z for instance. The games I want to play does not use Z for anything, but it uses enter. Can I in Vice make it so the pressing on Z key "in the real world" is translated to a press on "enter" in the C64?

  • @Randy_Savage if you set up both players controllers on one controller but assigned the two buttons to two seperate buttons, it actually gives you two buttons.

    Edit: accidently said seperate players. Corrected.

  • @edmaul69 A good suggestion, but I cannot get my "real" joystick keys to be anything other than they are, unless I somehow can remap them pr. game basis. Is it possible via a script? A remap-script on rom launch and a undo script when exiting the game? I think something like that will probably be the only way.

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