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I don't know what it is but....

  • I don't know what it is but I'm gonna put a retropie in it!

  • @Capeman If Atari makes a new system, that will put the cherry on the strange cake that has been the last year.

    This could actually be a thing:

    Atari vs. Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft

    It'll be the first time since the 90's the 1st 3 competed for dominance in the VG market

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    Seeing the massive Atari logo used in such an impressive way in the 'Blade Runner 2049' trailer had me imagining an alternate world where the company was still relevant. I really miss the flavor they brought to the video game industry. If they ever managed to recapture even a small portion of that, I would be very happy.

  • @mediamogul Well, if atari is making a comeback, I hope they start with one of my personal favorites...


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    Nice! Out of the hundreds of 2600 games, that's easily in the top five for me. My personal favorite is 'River Raid', developed by the amazing Carol Shaw. With only a few kb of memory, she used a pseudo-random algorithm to predictably create the whole game on the fly every time it's played. Very impressive, very fun!

    River Raid Box

  • @mediamogul I only really got into Atari a year ago, when my mom dug out her original, 4 switch, 2600. I'm pretty jealous of my uncle's collection, he got the Darth Vader Atari, and has more game than I got.

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    It really is great to see someone like yourself discovering these games organically like that after all these years. I got into both Atari and Commodore 64 from my Uncle. He saw how much I loved Nintendo back in the day and just handed over every video game-related device he had. I still remember having all three systems littering the floor alongside my Ghostbuster toys in front of our wood grain TV. If you also imagine me trying to solve a Rubik's Cube, it might possible the most 80's mental image ever.

  • I'm definitely an atari buff. Anything with that logo will get me excited. If it's a new cartridge based system with simpler games than the current gen (something akin to Neo Geo, which would be cheap in modern times) it would be an amazing idea to cash in on the retro craze.

    But like i said, I'm definintely into atari!


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    Great pic! If I supply the Count Chocula, can we all come over to your house?

  • @Capeman nice. Hiding those gray carts of sweetness though!

  • @edmaul69 I have about 90 each of atari and nes, im not much of a game collector, but i like having a small archive of the older stuff.

    Lately i've gotten into collecting more atari since i found a local store that undervalues their atari games and sells them for a buck a piece, i go weekly, i cant resist!

    @mediamogul DUDE, count chocula! I'm there!

  • (Long Post Ahead)

    @mediamogul Video games were introduced to me a few times. My earliest gaming memory would be playing Super Mario 64. I remember it distinctly, it was at a hairdresser around the corner. I was waiting for several others to get cut and I walked into the back and there it was, a jungle green N64 with SM64 on it. I had no idea of Mario or Nintendo at the time, so I just sat there and played.

    The next time was my 6th birthday, now my parents had both an Atari and an original NES, so knew video games. I opened the biggest box, and there it was, Mario Kart: Double Dash and a platinum Gamecube. Them getting me a Gamecube, and later a Game Boy Advance was either the greatest thing or the worst decision they ever made. It was only last year that my mom dug out her Atari and NES and hooked them up permanently (I swear, it's a fire hazard.) The systems were just there and left for us to start playing. It has started a lifelong obsession with video games. I just read about and find more to play, find new systems and new things to play. These are the games I have:

    Atari Games:
    Ms. Pacman
    River Raid
    Kaboom (Personal Favorite.)
    Commando Raid
    NES Games:
    SMB 1 and Duck Hunt
    Ninja Kid

  • It's awesome the range of ages on this forum, my earliest memory of gaming was when i was almost 5 years old and my dad brought home the NES power bundle with the gun and powerpad in 1986. I was born at the perfect time, rode the crest of the second and most successful wave of the video game industry revival. I got to experience the release of every major milestone in classic gaming as they were released at just the right age to appreciate them the most, and i got to participate in the most heated times of the bit-wars. I bounced between Nintendo and Sega more than a flip flopping politician, haha! Those were the days.

  • I pitty the young kids now, alot of them are experiencing their first gaming on touch screens... barf. Hahaha!

  • @Capeman I think it's safe to say that RetroPie has helped me find and play so many more games. If I bought all the games that I wanted, I be so far in the red.

    Also, never try to play Mario 1 on a phone. It just doesn't work. Thank God I always carry a controller in my backpack for moments when I want to play SNES, but I can't due to not being near my Pi. Thank you Retroarch Web Player.

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    I swear, it's a fire hazard.

    Ha! yeah, our family had so many things hooked into the back of our television that you could totally detect that sweet electrical burn smell if you got close enough. Also, I kid you not, if you jostled the wires around while the TV was on, you could here a radio station being broadcast in some other language.


    It's awesome the range of ages on this forum

    It really is amazing.

  • @mediamogul said in I don't know what it is but....:

    Ha! yeah, our family had so many things hooked into the back of our television that you could totally detect that sweet electrical burn smell if you got close enough.




  • @Capeman National Lampoon, right?

  • @lilbud Christmas Story! 24 hours in a row on TNT every december!

    If you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it!

  • @Capeman I wrote that before you updated the post with RALPHIEE!!!!!

    Love Christmas Story

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