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  • Hello.

    Up until today with no apparent reason my retropie stopped auto mounting pendrives.

    When I connect pen drive to USB slot nothing happens. It's not mounted anywhere in the system.

    I can manually mount the USB device via command line
    "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/usb0"

    Even after that and relaunching emulationstation "retropie" folder is not populated with ROMs folders.

    ROM service is on
    "RetropieSetup -> Configuration / Tools -> usbromservice -> Enable USB ROM Service"

    So can you point me in any direction to solve two connected problems?

    1. How to make retropie automount pendrives again?
    2. Once pendrives are automounted how to make them start to work with USB ROM services again?

    I could do clean install of the retropie to solve the issue, but it's not a real solution. If I did that every time somethings go wrong, I'd spend more time fixing issues than playing…

    ALSO: Could admin change ma nickname fro 'col' to 'vol'. Stupid typo:)

  • Mounting manually to:
    "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/usb" (instead of usb0)
    and restarting emulationstation doesn't trigger USB ROM Service as well.

    Also checked other pen drive. Same issue. Checked same raspberry pi with other OS on other card (OSMC). No issue. It's strictly Retropie OS issue!

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