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  • As ES grows and new features are added Settings menu is starting to get complicated. It is my suggestion that Help buttons should be replaced (or not) by help text in deeper menus. After using the menu once or twice a user can have an idea of what the buttons do generally. In such case Help should tell them what the setting does like Retropie-setup has at the bottom. What do you think?

  • That would be nice, but I don't know if it will catch on.

  • I don't oppose in principle, but not sure that replacing it is the way to go given that that real estate is expected to contain info on the button actions. Is there space to add something to the right of the buttons?

  • @pjft I am not calling for all help buttons to be gone. I am just saying eg. recently added transitions need a bit of description so the user understands what option does what. It is totally optional and not a requirement

  • I think a 'help' menu item with some text and images would not hurt at all. In addition to the visual hints at thr bottom of the screen, that is.

  • @pjft @Zigurana This is how it would look, probably. The "X" can be replaced by "H" or "?"


    The code modification looks friendly too

    std::vector< std::array<std::string, 2> > transitions;
    transitions.push_back({"fade", "Fade into oblivion"});
    transitions.push_back({"slide", "Slide me a soda"});
    transitions.push_back({"simple slide", "Simply Slide into your sheets"});
    transitions.push_back({"instant", "Instant noodles"});
    for(auto it = transitions.begin(); it != transitions.end(); it++)
    	transition_style->add((*it)[0], (*it)[0], Settings::getInstance()->getString("TransitionStyle") == (*it)[0], (*it)[1]);
    s->addWithLabel("TRANSITION STYLE", transition_style);
    s->addSaveFunc([transition_style] { Settings::getInstance()->setString("TransitionStyle", transition_style->getSelected()); });

  • @Hex I think there's a screenshot I'm missing?

  • @Zigurana There is a screenshot in the above post with the code. Is it not visible?

  • @Hex I see it now, had to force a refresh, thanks!
    Ah, I see, a dynamic tool-tip style feedback, I like!

  • Does anyone know how to add new resources to ES? I tried once and screwed the setup.

  • @BuZz Do you think this would be a good addition?

  • @pjft the only things i find an issue with emulationstation is the "jump to letter" option on the select button and surprise me. Jump by letter is designed to make getting to a game faster, but when it is now the third option it takes a bit more time to get right to a game. Seems really odd for filter gamelist to be the first option. And surprise me is an annoying option thats already on the x button which is even more annoying when you accidently hit it and it jumps you to a whole different system which then takes even more time to get back to the game you want. I dont mind it being in the menu but on the button its really easy to mess that up.

  • @edmaul69 feedback duly noted!

  • @Zigurana i probably sounded like an a-hole how i worded it and it was not my intention. I just meant to mention the problems i saw on it. But i want to thank you guys. You guys have done an awesome job on the new emulationstation and it is 1000 times better thanks to you guys. So thank you for everything.

  • @edmaul69 hey man, don't worry. Your frustration was real, and you let us know, that's fine (and appreciated!). I actually agree with much what you are saying.

    I think the GamelistOptions (select) and GuiMenu (start) are becoming a bit of a mess, and are due for an cleanup/restructuring.

    Would another button for GoToRandomGame be a better fit? Or simply a way to switch it off?

    Reg jump to letter: we could consider utilizing the shoulder or trigger buttons (whichever are currently not being used) to trigger a jump to the next letter.

    But the truth of the matter is that for real game-hoarders, there is no comfortable way to navigate thousands of games from within ES.

  • @Zigurana don't change the triggers from page up/page down :p I'm not sure I've ever seen that usage pattern in an application. We could though make the "time to get the scrolling into the super fast navigation mode" a lot shorter if it helps, though I'm not particularly sure either.

    That being said, feedback noted, we can surely change the order of the menu if it's a problem. I happen to be someone who never really uses the jump to letter, so I didn't think it was a significant problem, but I can see that being the case.

    As for the original topic, I don't oppose the dynamic caption. I wonder if it'd make sense to use select as a "help button" within the menu, that'd pop up a GUI message box with help for a particular option, where relevant and implemented.

    Kind of what was done with OMX Player on accept?

  • @pjft @Zigurana i definitely want to keep the shoulders as they are. I dont have triggers 90% of the time but i like the jump by idea with them. That would really speed it up. I dont like the idea of speeding up the scroll sooner as i am not a huge fan of the fast scroll as it is, because it scrolls too fast and you cant stop anywhere soon enough. So i hated how fast it triggered already. As far as the surprise me, turning the button off could be an option. But then again i could just disable the x button in the es_input.cfg and stop whining about it. 😄 Now as for the menu displaying help info, im not sure crt users would like it as the menu is almost impossible to use as it is.

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    Personally, I've been a big fan of the random button since it's introduction. If accidental presses are happening that often, it would seem like an option to turn it off might be better than disabling it outright, as the GamelistOptions menu can't be selected in the carousel and it would be a bit counter-intuitive to have to go into a system just to gain access to a global selection feature that will likely take you away from that system.

    One area where I agree completely is the placement of the jump to letter. I've gotten used to it now, but it was very nice to just press select and then move left or right. I have a pretty big collection of games and it really does make browsing a lot quicker. I'd also like to echo the praise given above. The recent work on ES is nothing short of stellar and seeing new features continue to come into shape is very exciting.

  • @mediamogul I'm not keen on over-stuffing ES with options (who'd say, given the number of options I've added since...?), but definitely changing the order seems like a very fair request.

    At most, I'd be supportive of removing the "Surprise Me" menu option given that there's a button for it.

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    I'm not convinced about help tips - is it needed? I don't think es is that complicated.

    I have no problem with some setting reorganisation if people think they are confusing - what specifically? Agree with removing duplication between buttons and menus though such as surprise me if others prefer.

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