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Move lr-mame2000 from main packages to optional ?

  • I just launched a full update from retropie-setup, and when I came back, I saw that lr-mame2000 was compiling, which was not the case until now as far as I remember.
    My RPi was overheating trying to compile this with the current weather :)

    It seems that this package is (now ?) only available from source according to the script, and most people use lr-mame2003 or lr-fbalpha anyway.

    So in order to avoid to compile this not-so-used version every update, do you think it could be a good thing to move it from main to optional ?
    I already uninstalled it, BTW.

  • @Sano If it's uninstalled it won't re-install itself when you choose "update all installed packages". Retropie used to install everything a few versions back when choosing that option. Not anymore.

  • @Darksavior That's precisely why I uninstalled it :)
    I was just questioning the fact that an apparently not very used package, only available from source, is part of the main packages. It's the only one AFAIK (others are available in binary format).
    The compiling messages and the time needed to compile when updating could possibly disturb users not familiar with Linux, for an emulator that is very probably not used (and not recommended anyway). Not mentioning the small but real risk of overheating issues.
    For those reasons, I think source packages should be avoided as far as possible in the default distribution.
    A "slightly advanced" user could still easily install it from source if wanted, being aware of the compilation when updating.

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    It's used - useful on rpi1 etc. You just updated before the binaries were built. I actually forgot after the rename earlier. Bins building now.

  • @Sano sorry, I read it wrong. heh

  • @BuZz That explains a lot, thanks ! My Murphy curse was at it again...
    @Darksavior you were right anyway ;)

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