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  • Hi, some days ago, i finish my custom build Retropie Fight Stick Custom Case. Hope you like my proyect.
    My proyect, the control panel is MDF panel and with laser cut, the desing is mine. The pink buttons and zero delay encoder,
    was one of the cheapest deals I have found another colour is more expensive. The select/Coin button is a custom made button bougth in Ebay Spain based store, link text and iluminated by led, this led is powered under Zero delay controller (5V (resistence incluided) and GND) under usb pinout. The back panel also are a laser cut
    Include a Aukey 10A usb charger link text
    A male to female Usb cable, A male to female hdmi cable, and A male to female RJ45 cable. With a switch, connected to a Raspberry pi 3 for shutdown (Need a simple python archive).
    The most important problem in this proyect is the heat, this box have two side with cooling holes,

    Inside the box i have two 60 mm fan and a two 30 mm fan (one of the inside of raspberry pi 3 box)

    The retropie Image, i little customed, i add python script for simple shutdown, and custom Oldroom Theme, with system that this theme not incluided, and 90% of my games have video snap, ADVmame emulator is configurated for work only for my arcade joystick (don´t need a keyboard) but in someelse emulators computer based systems need a keyboard and mice, especially scummvm, Atari St, and other. And this retropie image have a 200gb sata hard drive connectect to a usb adapter, this harddrive is NTFS, if not connected don't work retropie, because have a symbolic link form the rom folder to a hdd disk, initially i don't have enouth money to buy a 128 gb sd card, and my solution was put this hdd (all of my roms and videos and images approximately 180gb).

    The last image is button side,
    I use a lot of hotglue.
    I use all button of zero delay encoder, two of them i use in ADVMame for quit this emulator. In the coming days, i wish to edit the complex gamelist rom (alternate rom also)from atari st, and fix scummvm videos and images, Screenscraper don't download foreing language games from scummvm. All images and videos are downloard under screenscraper.

  • @pluger
    Nice work!
    I noticed you're using the Playstation layout for your buttons. I'm just curious but when you play SNES games, is your button layout essentially:

    Y   X   R1   L1
    B   A   R2   L2

    (with R2 and L2 not being used)?

  • that looks great, do the roms run ok from the hdd ?

    instead of the small 3mm fan that blows air to the Pi from the side, you could make a cardboard duct that takes the air directly from the 80mm inlet fan to the pi, then you would get better cooling and it would be less noisey as 30mm fans are noisey little shits.

  • @pluger a couple suggestions. First, you really want to turn one of your fans around. You need an intake and an exhaust unless you had intake holes on the bottom and the fans exhausting air. If you do another one, i would recommend a piano hinge. It would keep the hinge concealed. I like your raspberry pi theme idea and your fake coin slot button is awesome.

  • @edmaul69 good catch with the fans, I didnt see that.

  • @spruce_m00se Thanks for your comments, my roms work very well with my ntfs hdd, this is a spanish tutorial that explain how's do it , sorry, link text
    This a google translate link link text

    The blow air, i need to view but in some days i fix it.

  • @pluger bno te precupes por los tutoriales en espanol chaval, no todos somos de solo habla inglesa :)

  • alt text
    alt text

    I just made one too :) its pretty darn sweet!!!

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