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[Release] Every Japanese NES/Famicom (no-intro) box art for you all to download!

  • Posted this over on /r/retropie but figured it would be a good idea to give some extra exposure here.

    Filenames are based on the 20170430 No-Intro NES set. Box arts are placed in /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/downloaded_images/nes

    Something that always bugged me about scraping metadata for games from thegamesdb is that Japanese games usually just pulled up their US/European box art counterparts as opposed to what they correctly should be. In the NES/Famicom's case, nearly every game released in the US had a completely different box art variant in Japan, and part of the fun in RetroPie for me is to be able to see the differences.

    Originally, I just wanted to "fill in the gaps" and add art and metadata to Famicom games that weren't scraped by Selph's scraper and weren't found in thegamesdb but this led into something even greater. Too many Japanese games had little to no metadata, MAYBE just the box art. I went ahead and updated hundreds of games with correct release dates, publisher, developer, genre, and fixed incorrect titles. Seriously, the Famicom submissions on thegamesdb was an absolute mess before being fixed. I want to say that every Japanese-exclusive NES title that didn't scrape via Selph's scraper can now be scraped using emulationstation.

    I also found MUCH better box art than can be found in both thegamesdb and gamefaqs (which I also updated a slew of, by contributing images I found via Japanese google searches and on Many had to be photoshopped, auto-toned, and/or rotated slightly to look correct. I was originally planning on leaving box arts that weren't different between US and Japanese regions but for completion's sake, I changed them anyway. As a finishing touch, I updated any blurry Japanese box arts I found.

    I know that maybe this isn't too big of a deal for most RetroPie users but I imagine that there's some out there who can appreciate something like this and most of all, I hope this can get a ball rolling as far as getting correct Japanese box arts for other consoles as well. It was pretty time-consuming (and a tad tedious) doing this alone but I hope this helps some of you out!

    EDIT: Please redownload the pack if you downloaded it on July 4th, as I had forgotten to add 77 box arts due to added text in the filenames (for example (Rev A), (En), etc.) that I had forgotten to add. The pack is now updated and SHOULD be complete.

  • Excellent stuff, the japanese box art was usually so much better than the euro and US stuff, thanks very much for all the hard work, i eagerly await your other sets, i can only imagine the time and effort it must have taken!

  • @MapleStory excellent stuff... thankyou very much for all of your efforts. I will put these on at the weekend :)

  • @MapleStory you must try

    The db is multilingue and multicountry.

    You can use this db With sselph scraper or With universal XML scraper. ;)

  • @screech said in [Release] Every Japanese NES/Famicom (no-intro) box art for you all to download!:

    @MapleStory you must try

    The db is multilingue and multicountry.

    You can use this db With sselph scraper or With universal XML scraper. ;)

    I gave it a shot on my laptop but it felt far too slow to scrape the amount of games I have. Selph's scraper only pulled up in-game screenshots, I believe. Also, is there no way to get high resolution images?

    Also, @chubsta and @jozzy1: Please redownload the pack, as it was missing some box arts before.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @MapleStory you can change lots of config With flag on sselph scraper so you can dl what you want.

    And screenscraper db is faster than the overloaded tgdb ;)

    Or just give a try to uxml ;)
    By default it dl media and informations depending your rom. If your rom is jp, it dl jp cover, jp gamename, jp release date... if you are german, it de german description, german game category and so on...

  • @screech There seems to be many Japanese-exclusive NES/Famicom games missing their box arts and/or information on, for example, obscure things like Best Keiba - Derby Stallion, Little Magic, Moulin Rouge Senki, etc.

    screenscraper has a lot of great artwork for US/European titles but unfortunately, I think there would be many Japanese games that would be completely left out.

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    necro post but just wondering if these found their way to the libretro thumbnails repo?

    might be worth looking into as it seems both sfc and nes are incompllete thus far

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