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  • I loaded from a save state on Sega CD, and the music track kept looping the same three seconds of audio. When I moved to another location where the music track was to change, the screen faded to black (as it should have) but never faded back with the new scene, and the new audio track never came through.

    Are save states an issue on Sega CD or other CD based systems? Or did I experience a fluke?

  • more information is needed, please see

    what version of retropie, what emulator, what rom, etc. we need something to go on in order to help.

  • @chipsnblip Sorry, thanks.

    Pi Model or other hardware: 3
    RetroPie Version Used 4.2
    Built From: Retropie Website
    USB Devices connected: keyboard and Xbox controller
    Controller used: Xbox controller
    File: LunarEternalBlue
    Emulator: lr-picodrive

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