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Having trouble in PSX games which require holding a button and pressing another

  • Games like RE2 and RE3 where you must hold R1 and press X to fire are not working properly. They cause the R1 button to be depressed a lot of the time. I verified turbo is off and an using an Xbox 360 controller. Any ideas?

  • @treedude when you set up your 360 controller the triggers can come up with two different readings. Having the wrong one could be the issue. Make sure the left and right show the same way (i think like + & -) sometimes the right trigger gets the wrong reading when setting up and when you finish the hotkey you can just move back up and correct it before finishing. Otherwise playstation just might not like the triggers being pressed all the way due to the analog triggers.

  • I don't think, that you actually need L2 and R2 triggers in the end on those games, as the aiming is done with R1 and L1 buttons. Only difference is in RE3, where the L2 is used to open up the map quickly and R2 to aim into barrels, both of which can be done manually via other methods (map from your inventory and manually aim for the barrels).

    But what I do know is that you can't access the game's options menu from the game in RE3 due those default hotkey functions to exit the emulation, as it uses the same combo by default (Select + Start). Retropie should be updated in terms of that hotkey system, so that you can't reset/exit emulation with two button combo, as many time when you play, you have to press two buttons quickly to do multitasking and that triggers hotkey function (example, pressing A on driving games to accelerate and if you happen to press Select while you're doing that in order to change camera angle for example, it resets the emulator.) I would rather have it as three button combo, that would be also needed to be done in correct order. Right now, it doesn't matter, that do you press Start or Select first, it quits the emulation, whenever both of them are pressed simultaneously.

  • @dd-indeed the latest retro pie does allow any button to be the hot key. Re configure your controllers after you update

  • @lostless

    Yes I know that, but trouble is, that you end up pressing the combination by mistake quite often, so having longer combo reduces the chances. But I dunno, that can you do that on Retropie.

  • It is R1 and the A button I need to fire in RE, so no triggers needed. I have exiting set to the "Xbox" button so that's not an issue either. I had to remap the 4 face buttons specifically for PSX as they were not right by default.

    I'm really at a loss here. Some of my favorite games really depend on this to play. Does no one else have this issue?

  • @treedude the reason the 4 face buttons are wrong is because you configured the controller in emulationstation wrong. You need to configure it like a super nintendo controller. Then all the retroarch emulators will be correct.

  • @edmaul69 How exactly is that possible? Upon first boot (using the raspberry pi 3 image) you configure the controller. There is no option for what controller type. The buttons are right for emustation or A and B would be reversed and I would notice that.

  • @treedude have you verified both buttons function properly. The shoulder buttons can have issues. Sometimes they get pushed back because from taking an impact or too much pressure put on them. You can push the button on the board back out. Sometimes the shoulder buttons need replaced. Im not talking about the plastic but the physical button. I was playing resident evil 2 with a ps3 controller and didnt have any issues. So i would make sure to test your buttons in jstest to see if they are working correctly with both long and short presses.

  • @edmaul69 If I just hold R1, the character will aim no problem. The moment I hit A the character will act as if I am clicking R1 rather than holding even though I didn't let go. I can reproduce this every time exactly the same way so I do not think it is the controller. I have an Xbox 1 controller I will try a little later just in case though. I'd rather not use that one though.

  • @treedude is it an official controller or some aftermarket controller.

  • @edmaul69 Official with a knock off reciever. But I've used that reciever extensively with PC games without trouble. Granted that was in Windows using the Microsoft driver.

  • @treedude if you have a charge cable have you tried it that way without the adapter?

  • @treedude

    Is it the V2-version with Bluetooth ? If it is, use the Bluetooth connection instead.

  • @edmaul69 I don't have one I'm afraid. But those only charge the controller, they don't pass data.

    @dd-indeed The Xbox 1 controller is a v2, but I'd prefer to use my 360 one.

  • @treedude well that sucks. It would be nice to be able to rule that out. But the xbox driver might be an issue too...

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