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What's your all time favorite game for each system?

  • I'd like to know your all time favorite game for each system below. 1 game only per system. Write N/A if you've never played a game for that system.

    Arcade Cabinet:
    Apple II:
    Atari 2600:
    Commodore 64:
    Game Boy(includes color):
    Game Boy Advance:
    Nintendo 64:
    Super NES:
    TurboGrafx 16:
    PlayStation 1:
    Sega Gamegear:
    Sega Genesis/Megadrive:
    Sega 32X:
    Sega CD:

  • @muehltime

    My fast response, with no much thinking...

    Atari 2600: Seaquest

    NES: River City Ransom / Mega Man 3 / Battletoads (sorry, it's impossible to choose only one)

    Mega Drive: Shadow Dancer

    SNES: Street Fighter 2

    Arcade: Marvel vs. Capcom

    PlayStation: Tekken 3

  • Global Moderator


    Arcade Cabinet: 'Tapper'
    3do: 'Return Fire'
    Apple II: 'Lode Runner'
    Atari 2600: 'Demon Attack'
    Commodore 64: 'Space Taxi'
    Dreamcast: 'Ikaruga'
    Game Boy(includes color): 'Dragon Warrior Monsters'
    Game Boy Advance: 'Advance Wars'
    Nintendo 64: 'Mario Kart 64'
    NES: 'Goonies II'
    Super NES: 'F-Zero'
    TurboGrafx 16: 'Bonk's Revenge'
    PlayStation 1: 'Twisted Metal 2'
    Sega Gamegear: 'The Terminator'
    Sega Genesis/Megadrive: 'Robocop vs. Terminator'
    Sega 32X: 'Star Wars Arcade'
    Sega CD: 'Snatcher'

  • Arcade Cabinet: Ms. PacMan
    Atari 2600: Yars Revenge
    Commodore 64: Ollies Follies
    Game Boy(includes color): Tetris
    Game Boy Advance: Mario vs. Donkey Kong
    Nintendo 64: Mario Kart 64
    NES: Mike Tyson's Punch Out
    Super NES: Super Mario World
    Sega Genesis/Megadrive: Flashback
    Sega CD: Lunar

  • @mediamogul I'll check out Demon Attack... Space Taxi is awesome

  • @meleu I'll check out Seaquest and Shadow Dancer

  • Game Boy(includes color): Gargoyles Quest
    Game Boy Advance: Pokémon Ultra Violet (Rom Hack)
    Super NES: Weaponlord
    PlayStation 1: Metal Gear Solid
    Sega Gamegear: Shinobi

    Master System: Wonderboy: The Dragons Trap
    Nintendo DS: Ghost Trick

  • @ectoone I'll check out Weapon Lord... Wonderboy Rocks. What do you like about Ultra Violet?

  • Arcade Cabinet: Phoenix
    3do: N/A
    Apple II: N/A
    Atari 2600: Kaboom
    Commodore 64: N/A
    Dreamcast: N/A
    Game Boy(includes color): Oracle of Ages
    Game Boy Advance: Metroid: Zero Mission
    Nintendo 64: Super Mario 64
    NES: Super Mario 3
    Super NES: Link to the Past
    TurboGrafx 16: N/A
    PlayStation 1: Crash Bandicoot 2
    Sega Gamegear: N/A
    Sega Genesis/Megadrive: Sonic 2
    Sega 32X: N/A
    Sega CD: N/A

  • Arcade Cabinet: Gallop armed police
    3do: need for speed
    Apple II:
    Atari 2600: starwars jedi arena
    Commodore 64: kung-fu master
    Game Boy(includes color): n/a
    Game Boy Advance: pokemon
    Nintendo 64: Ocarina of time
    NES: donkey kong 3
    Super NES: no favorite
    TurboGrafx 16:n/a
    PlayStation 1: tomb raider 1
    Sega Gamegear: n/a
    Sega Genesis/Megadrive: streets of rage 1
    Sega 32X: n/a
    Sega CD: n/a I have only played lords of thunder
    Sega Master system : r-type
    Sega saturn : Baku Baku animal

    two crucial pieces of sega history were missing there, maybe on purpose.

  • @mediamogul the 3do was a technical masterpiece in its day, I for one played it before the playstation was released, it was like magic.
    I played the saturn before anyone I knew had a playstation. also a great piece of kit.

  • IBM-PC: UFO: Enemy Unknown (American title: X-COM: UFO Defense)

    much much below:

    MegaDrive: Mega Bombermann
    Super Nintendo: SFII (no special version)

  • @muehltime Pokémon Ultra Violet combines Fire Red and Green Leaf. It also removes the need for trading and anything else that was included in the original games to get Pokémon, so with Ultra Violet you can really catch them all.
    It was my first (and last) Pokémon game and I really liked it to not have to choose between Red or Green.

  • I think this sum's it up, hard to choose now a days.

    Apple II: Path Tactics
    Commodore 64: Super Bread Box
    Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure II
    Game Boy: Trip World
    Game Boy Colour: Dragon Warrior Monster
    Game Boy Advance: Car Batttler Joe
    Nintendo 64: Ogre Battle
    NES: Felix the Cat
    Super NES: Contra III
    TurboGrafx 16: Coryoon
    PlayStation 1: Suikoden II
    Sega Gamegear: Royal Stone
    Sega Genesis/Megadrive: Castlevania Bloodlines or Twinkle Tale
    Sega CD: Popful Mail

  • @omnija said in What's your all time favorite game for each system?:

    NES: Felix the Cat

    Indeed, it's a fun game. I only would like that it had a password system back in the days (today we have save states and/or can leave the game paused on our emulation devices).

  • Global Moderator


    the 3do was a technical masterpiece in its day

    I'm probably a little tough on it due to the number of full motion video games it had. Like the SegaCD, the system was definitely at it's strongest when running more traditional game titles and despite it's limited library, it was indeed technically superior to anything else out at the time. I have to admit that I found 'Return Fire' to be particularly fun with a friend, so I've gone back and changed my answer ;).

  • @mediamogul I don't really know any 3do games... will check out Return Fire.

  • can you run the 3do on a pi3? I tried and it was pants

  • @spruce_m00se have not tried. haven't seen a good run of it yet.

  • @muehltime said in What's your all time favorite game for each system?:

    Arcade Cabinet: Circus Charlie
    3do: NA
    Apple II: NA
    Atari 2600: Demon Attack
    Commodore 64: Dropzone
    Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi
    Game Boy(includes color): Tetris
    Game Boy Advance: NA
    Nintendo 64: Mario 64
    NES: Excitebike
    Super NES: Legend of Zelda
    TurboGrafx 16: Galaga 88
    PlayStation 1: Ridge Racer
    Sega Gamegear: NA
    Sega Genesis/Megadrive: Truxton
    Sega 32X: NA
    Sega CD: NA

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