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Theme idea? Should i finish? WIP

  • So this is pretty much how it would be... when viewing system. all i have so far.
    bottom left box would be description. left picture is video, right picture would be screenshot
    Should i continue? any ideas?

    alt text

  • the red and white is a bit rough on the eyes, maybe try experimenting with softer colors. or if you're set on red and white, consider adding a subtle texture or gradient. also, the huge dropshadow is too strong and throws everything off balance. the bottom right area just seems like wasted space. take it or leave it, i'm not much of a graphic designer.

  • @red2blue the red and white definitely have a Nintendo-ish vibe to it :)

    I wonder if there's a better way to use the real estate - the bottom right feels quite empty, while the areas for the media (video and screenshot) may feel small in comparison.

    Also echo the previous comments, that in a large screen for long the red might be too harsh on the eyes.

    That being said, if you like the way it's going, definitely continue and experiment - there are lots of themes that start out as something that the creator wants to use, and in the end others like it and use it as well :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • @pjft i just went with the regular dimensions it gave me on the theme editor, and transfered that over to photoshop... can i make it bigger?? does my theme resize scraped videos and images?

    I'll look into other colors tho for sure as to the right side.. idk what to put lol

  • @red2blue It does resize them if you wish, correct.

    That being said, if you lack ideas on the use of that real estate, browse the theme gallery and see what others may have done, or what ind of info you can present.

    Some images may be taller (boxart), which may fit well there, but some other boxart is horizontal, so won't be ideal.

    But keep experimenting!

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