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controllers double clicking?

  • im running 4.2 on a pi3, all updated from source just one week ago,

    i have an ipac 2 setup, I have set the player one inputs on the ipac as keyboard and mapped them, the player two is set as usb gamepad and mapped in the ES mapping tool.
    I have meleu's joystick selection tool set where my ds4 is player one globally and ipac gamepad is player two, thus the keyboard side of the ipac controls player 1.

    without the ds4 connected it doesnt work at all. Player two controls player two and player one for some reason, when I plug in the ds4 bluetooth dongle it then works, except in the ES menus I get a double input from the joystick about 75% of the time, which is a mere annoyance in the menus, but could be the reason that some games are unplayable,
    I cant get any combos or special moves to work in games like SF2 or Mortal Kombat.
    at first I thought that I was so rusty that I couldnt play the games any more, and on occasions that it doesnt double input, I guess I can do the moves, but 75% of the time is impossible, except the move from chun li with the flaming leg thing, which involves pressing the button really quickly, that is a lot easier to do than I remember,

    is there a way to sort this out? is it a possibility that a double input is occuring? does anyone know if this is a lack of debouncing in the ipac or a different issue?

    I would love to sort it out on ym current build of RP, but am starting a fresh instal on another card to see if it happens again.

  • anyone?

  • I guess no one has any input?
    I have noticed that the down button frequently double clicks in ES menus, and the start and coin buttons are messed up, my coin button for player one also is set as sstart for player two in some mame games.
    i think the only option is a fresh instal and start again.

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