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Auto-favorites folder location?

  • Does anyone know where the auto-favorites list is stored?

  • @chizzer there is no list. It is all within ES. There is no gamelist.xml to edit.

  • Thanks man. That's a shame, it would be a quick and easy way to get a romlist for a new custom system.

  • @chizzer there is, you set it all up within ES, you simply turn on favorites and add the roms by pressing the Y button. Can't get much easier than that.

  • Yeah, totally get that. What I mean is say I wanted to add a new system so it's my fav shoot em ups, I was hoping I could just go through Mame, add them all as favorites, then take the favorite list and make a new system. That way, I can keep my auto-favorites and have a new system.

  • @chizzer -- essentially, that's what the forth-coming custom collections will provide.

    You can create your own collections, call them whatever you would like (say something like "my favs") and go through and add games to that collection. Your custom named collection will show up on the main menu item for "Custom Collections".

    Also, some current (and more going forward) themes will also include theme'd support for many pre-named collections. "Shmups" is one such supported collection that is already established.

    Once the new collections feature is available, you'd just press "Start > Custom Collection > Add from theme" choose Shmups... and then proceed to add games to it. And, since that theme includes support for "Shmups" - it would have its own main menu item.

    Take a look at this post "Themes - custom collection standardized naming" in the Themes section ... scroll through there and you'll see a video demonstration about the forthcoming feature and how easily it'll be to add them.

  • There's a test build if you want to peruse that feature set. I'm on my mobile, so I can't easily link to it but search for "please test: custom collections".

    You'll be able to go to your MAME or all games or favorites, filter by something (genre, favorites, etc) and then add them (one by one, but by pressing a button) to a custom collection.

    Definitely test it out - the more people test it, the faster it'll be approved for merging into the main branch.

  • Also, answering your question, to add what @TMNTturtlguy and @dmmarti stated, the favorite status is a metadata attribute stored in each system's gamelist, but not in a separate gamelist.

  • Thanks for the info guys. The upcoming update for Emulationstation sounds great and exactly what I want :)

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