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Neo Geo and Arcade not showing video previews - Steven Selph Scraper

  • @wombat can you please share what steps I do in HandBrake to convert the files proper

  • @valhalla_pi re-encoding then in one of their MP4 presets seemed to work for me. Ultimately they just need to be encoded in a compatible format, which the majority are.

  • @pjft thanks, just the default settings in Handbrake made them all work

    one related question, if the scrapper missed a few roms and I found the videos, renamed them put them in the images folder

    the games still dont work, when I go to the meta information for the rom the path for video is blank, do I have to manually type this in?

    obviously the roms that scrapped using Stephen Selphs scrapper filled in the path for the video file but if I mannually add does that mean I manually update that video path?

  • Yes you will have to manually add this info. I would suggest working through filezilla or putty (windows or linux) then download a copy of the gamelist.xml to your hard drive on your PC. Make a copy of it somewhere. Then open it in your text editor. You can add the information by hand. Test by opening it in your web browser. If no errors pop up then copy it to the ~/pi/roms/neogeo folder.

    Or you can use the ES gui to type it in by hand there. Either way works..done it MANY times. I even have info and snaps/vids for homebrews too.

    I made my friend's list in the info for kirby's avalanche say that "you suck at this game so you are not allowed to play it! :P" yeah I'm bad lol

  • I've tried converting my arcade video snaps with Handbrake to no avail, is there a source in Steven Selph's Scraper with arcade video snaps that play well will OMX Player? It would be easier for me to just delete my video snaps and rescrape than to convert the ones I have.

  • Are you using the gui or the cli of handbrake? More on that with this thread:

    As far as I know, no there is no other source for video snaps through the scraper. I got mine as a pack (as most do) and then converted those down. That was the only way I could get mine to work. I let the scraper build my list so all the video that were there deleted the videos the scraper brought down and converted my own down.

    I guess you could convert the ones the scraper brings down might fix them. I have still have my script somewhere I think...l I'll post it when i have the time.

  • I used another scraper.

  • @akafox I do let it scrape and convert them after. Any vids from progettoemma for mame or negeo are created with a codec that doesn't run on any standard system I am aware of. Strange if the MAME screen capture is doing this. Videos won't even run on Windows 10 in any player I tried until I downloaded a codec set that had the right one in it. Remember to set the option in handbrake to always use the MP4 extension so you don't have to rename them all from M4V.

  • I know this topic is quite old but I had the same issue with the latest version of es/omx/retropie so thought I would post, I ran the videos through a program call Mobile Media Convertor on Linux using the mp4 setting and the reuploaded and now they all work as expected

  • The arcadeitalia video problem with OMX, can easily be resolved by this ffmpeg command:
    ffmpeg -i inputFile.mp4 -pix_fmt yuv420p outputFile.mp4

    The process is fast and looseless.

    In this way, we can continue to use the good arcadeitalia source.

  • I found that after scraping the neogeo games I could not use them in anything but my PC in my media I ran then through handbrake and they worked great on my pi and in retropie for my pc and my raspberry pi (even attract mode)..but yeah I trashed the originals as they would not work

  • @akafox The problem is that some of those videos are in a format that the OMX player can't handle (mainly YUV 4:4:4 instead of YUV 4:2:0). But since only OMX player provides hardware accelerated video output at this time, switching it off isn't a good option for most people. Converting is a little inconvenience for a better result.

    By the way, there at least two scripts here to batch convert only the videos that need converting, a simple one from myself and an advanced one from @hiulit.

  • Sorry for necromancing this post. But I just noticed the "-convert_videos" flag when scraping from the command line. Is this enough to fix the YUV 4:4:4 issue? It invokes the handbrake CLI.

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