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Will this power supply work for now?

  • @retrofreak89 well that is something different in our setups. I do not use a fan and my power supply is 5v 2.5a canakit power supply. That could possibly cause a difference in performance in zdoom if your pi is lowering the performance based on not having enough power.

  • @edmaul69 i use a samsung 5v 2amp i also never get a warning thats its not getting enough it seems like its doing fine with that..
    Because if these pi does not get enough power you Will see the rainbow logo top right i never seen this before ever..

  • @retrofreak89 you really should test without the fan. And with a better power supply if you get the chance.

  • @edmaul69 well im a bit sad and wasted money well not wasted i could still use it but i shouldnt of spend it since im on a tight budget i did it in hoping it would fix it anyways i also bought a 3amp Samsung adapter instead of my 2amp one and i bought Samsung EVO plus.
    Rpi does seem to run a bit faster as in Snappier but games run the same.
    I Just dont get how you are running it at 1024 resolution and in mods like Valiant and run perfect.
    I run the lowest resolution and it still lags there so yeah not sure is it maybe because you are using vga and computer resolutions? I use a tv and tv resolutions Maybe thats difference?
    I havent tested it without a fan but 3amps and just a keyboard and controller as USB should be enough power i dont think hes hungry.
    Also with Zdoom did u use binary or source? Or doesnt matter when installing?
    Did you update kernal or anything?
    I updates everything i could so the script is updated the packages and emulators are and also the kernal..
    Is my pi maybe downclocked on accident or something?
    It does seem its resolution issue because the lower i go the better it runs but even the lowest 320resolution still lags outside at Valiant...
    Weird thing is inside its 100fps i tested it with fps on outside drops to rly low 12

  • @retrofreak89 how do i set it to show fps? I will test when i get the chance to see what it says. I dont update from source. I did update the kernel and everything. Im still going to keep saying to try without the fan hooked up even if you have enough power. People have found issues when using fans hooked to the gpio pins. You really need to rule the fan out. Also in the /boot/config.txt you could try setting clock speed to 1300. Might have to set an overvolt of 2 or 4. Not all pi's are the same. Tests have shown that they can clock by default at different speeds.

  • @edmaul69 i believe it was a mod it had a setting in options to show FPS i did it this way just to see what i would get.
    (Not sure if it was project or brutal doom i have to check)
    But i think theres another way i believe you can typ vid_fps or vid_fps 1 in the console while playing should show fps
    Still you would def know if its lagging or not even without the counter and for you its smooth..
    But even without any mods just the basic install and Valiant with nothing else installed it will still lag there

    Also what you mean not all pis are the same it shouldnt be that big of a jump i cant even use 320 resolution without lag u are running 1024 no lag so yeah also where did u hear that it causes problems
    Also im scared to overclock without a fan..
    I shouldnt need to overclock it should be equal Both of our pis

  • @retrofreak89 you can overclock quite a bit without any worries and without a fan. And yeah no lag. Just wanted to see what the fps was when i get outside. The overclock setting of 1300 with overvolt 2 or 4 wont void your warranty or cause issues without a fan. Also if you overclock too much you just take the card and put it in a pc and change the overclock to a lower setting.

  • @edmaul69 yeah but why would i need to overclock it to get it to run as smooth as stock thats crazy...
    U sure theres no lag for you there?
    I mean it doesnt lag super bad thats its unplayable
    But it kinda has like that low fps feeling to it its def below 30 because its not super smooth and its always outside in that wad anyways..
    But for you it act like it was 60fps?
    I dont get it is there something with my pi
    Theres nothing else i can do huh?
    I dont want to overclock tbh

    Edit: i tested it without the fan same results...

  • @retrofreak89 yes. No lag. I play with my mouse set pretty high so i would notice lag really easy just in my movement alone. I will test again to verify.

  • @edmaul69 yeah thats rly weird idk what to do any more but i do rly want to play it but im not since i cant have fun with that lag :( anyway i send you email u ask me to in other thread heh

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