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First Aracde Stick Build for Retropie

  • Originally I wanted to make an arcade stick with this retropie console built-in, but decided against that idea since I would need a super long HDMI and power cable. So I ended up making a stand alone arcade stick. I used a wooden storage box which is much easier than building the case from scratch. It took a couple hours to build and one day for the wood glue to dry.

    I'm quite happy with it. It has lots of space to rest my wrists and the custom layout is really comfortable. The only part that is a little annoying is that the box height is a little too thick, but that is a trade off for using off the self storage boxes.

    0_1502777208786_retro_finished.jpg 0_1502777215543_retro_open_1.jpg 0_1502777229176_retro_open_2.jpg

    For parts list and more detail see my build writeup.

  • Very impressive. You should put a pi inside the box too.

  • Great idea to use a wooden storage box!

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