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  • Ok, I have searched and searched and not found any previous post having this particular issue with Emulation Station. Hoping someone can help.

    I have 2 USB encoders. 1 is setup and configured with Emulation Station and works just as I would expect it to -- navigation works great, everything works fine with RetroArch as well.

    The second USB encoder is wired to my utility buttons and I have no intention of using it for Emulation Station navigation -- I have never clicked a button to set it up as such either (even though it is detected just fine). I have it wired to the utility buttons for work at the OS level (volume up and down, start and stop music, etc.) using TriggerHappy -- again, everything works fine with that.

    Here is my problem -- while inside emulation station when clicking buttons on the 2nd encoder to do various things (change volume up or down) -- the button presses are also being "recognized" by emulation station for various menu navigation -- scroll left, scroll right, etc, etc.....Even though I have never configured that encoder with Emulation Station. How do I stop buttons pressed on that encoder to randomly control the Emulation Station menu...I am scratching my head on this one.

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