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White screen help please

  • So, it's been a while since i "retropie'd"....I had my build and was happy.

    Then...I saw a video of the nes/famicom mini theme and decided to do a reinstall of reptropie 4.2...

    I have been totally unable to get a lot of themes to work "out of the box" with the theme installer. A lot go white screen. So what am i missing? I have a RP2, i update everything on 1st boot. download the themes and set the resolution on NES mini theme in the layout.xml......But still nothing. I get a lot of level 10 errors that fly by.

    Do i need to do something simple? Am i missing something? Do i need to enable something?....

    Ive trawled the web and forums but all i see is WSOD is now fixed as of 4.2 from the official themes page.

    SO....Please helps....cheers.

  • Hi.

    What version of EmulationStation are you on? Usually updating it will bring the latest improvements to it, including those fixes.

    If that doesn't sort it out on its own, try lowering VRAM in the other settings menu to 80.

    What Pi are you on?

  • @pjft said in White screen help please:

    n the other settings menu to 80.
    What Pi are you on?

    I have installed 4.2 then updated everything..
    Im using raspberry pi 2

    some of the errors were saying zindex stuff. I have no idea what that is about.

  • Im getting a lot of xml errors from pretty much all the .xml

    then it says this........

    unknown property type "z index" (for element of type image)

  • @leefy please update emulationstation from RetroPie setup.

    Edit: on the ES start menu what version does it say it is?

  • Thank you so much.....That sorted it....I just assumed retropie and emulationstation update were one and the same. Not the case. Ive now updated emulationstation and this solved it.


    Thank you.

  • @leefy not a bother. Happy RetroPie-ing.

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