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Install from Binary script

  • I have a custom version of EmulationStation forked from the master with my own mods. I modified the script in /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/scriptmodules/supplementary/ and under
    function sources_emulationstation
    I changed the linked repo to mine. Now I can successfully update and install ES from source but when I choose update from binary it overwrites with the normal version of ES. How can I change it so when it updates from binary it updates with mine?

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    @armysolo of course it overwrites with the original. The compiled binaries are compiled from the original source. So unless you have your own binaries hosted somewhere and point the script to those instead your best off just compiling from your fork.

  • @herb_fargus thanks for the quick response! Can you tell me where the script is?

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    @armysolo wherever you want it to point to, you can look at the setup script code for each module for where it installs from. It can be per package script or it can be universal in the helper scripts but the more you muddy universal files unless you know exactly what you're doing it's a rabbit hole that will likely lead to more stress than it's worth.

  • @herb_fargus I'm sure you get this a lot considering I see you post on almost every thread I've ever read but I've been working with Linux for less than a year so I'm pretty noob. Can you point me to where the script is to update all installed packages from binary? I've honestly looked through a number of setup scripts but I cannot seem to find anything that sticks out indicating what to change

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    @armysolo the script is dependent on multiple variables throughout the helpers/packages/modules so there isn't really "one" place per se.

    If you were to modify it globally it would be here:


    But that will break binaries for everything else so I don't recommend it.

    I actually don't recommend modifying anything from the stock setup script at all including the emulationstation script.

    Rather, have a custom module pointing to your branch like the ES kids script and don't update all packages if you don't want the ES binary replacing your custom ES. Then you can just update your main packages and optional/experimental as desired. If you really wanted to be ambitious you could probably code a function into your module to manually pull in a precompiled binary of your ES from your own server but that's well beyond what I can help with

  • I did what @herb_fargus is suggesting at some point for my builds before integrating them:

    You can just create an equivalent file for yourself with your own repository. I think I'm pointing to a branch, though, so you might need to adjust that.

    Hope this helps. I can't recall if the install from binary option was still showing, though.

  • @herb_fargus @pjft thanks for the information guys. looks like the easiest way is to update all from binary than update ES from source, or update each individually.

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