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Where to found Cartmod SNES Covers ?

  • Hi
    I search on GOOGLE and don't found where to found the covers made by fan on SNES for cartmod.
    I know they already exist, i don't want to lost my time to make them myself again.
    I already have many work to clean real covers, and made some JAP hard to find ...
    Please, can you share with us her the covers you have or where to DL them ?

    I search for :

    • Nightmare Busters (Europe) (Proto)
    • Star Fox 2 (Japan) (Proto) (Alt 1) [T-En by Aeon Genesis v1.00] (Final Version)
    • BS F-ZERO Grand Prix 2 (Japan)
    • BS Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero (Japan)
    • BS Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets week 1 (Japan) [T-En v1.0]
    • BS Zelda map 1 (Japan) [T-En v1.0]
    • Brutal Mario (USA) [Hack]
    • Ganpuru - Gunman's Proof (Japan) [T-Fr by Génération IX v1.0]
    • Mario Kart R (USA) [Hack]
    • Tales of Phantasia (Japan) [T-Fr by Final Translation v 2.0]
    • Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets (USA) [Hack]
    • Zelda Parallel Worlds (USA) [Hack]
      etc ...

    Exemple :

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Used2BeRX It's here if you can help me please. Thanks

  • Hey bud.

    I don't know about SNES at all yet. Unlike years ago I'm not doing all of the work on all of the systems at one time. At the rate I'm working, I won't be doing the SNES for years, and that's if I was able to manage working at this full time with crowd funding. Since I'm going to be getting a job soon, who knows when I'll be doing the SNES stuff.

    I've been working on the NES since the end of May and there's still a lot of work done before that's even done. Except for the last 2-3 weeks, I've been working anywhere between 60 to 100+ hours per week on this project since the end of May. If I didn't get a job until next year, I'm not even sure I'd still be able to finish the NES by New Years Eve. :)

    If I find anything good, I'll let you know, but I haven't even looked yet. Sorry man.

  • 0_1509286154632_Star Fox 2 (USA)-image.jpg
    I made this one for personal use...could you use this?

  • @hankola Hooo thanks a lot for your work :)

    You made it in 670x497, is it possible to have it in 700x492, i use this resolution for all my SNES covers and don't want to stretch :(

    I also found this one, but i prefer your's.
    0_1509287291174_Star Fox 2 (Japan) (Proto) (Alt 1) [T-En by Aeon Genesis v1.00] (Final Version).jpg
    And this one :
    0_1509287488928_Star Fox 2 (USA) 2D Box.png
    It's cool that you add the SuperFX Logo :)

    Like it is a real new game it is easy to found now lol
    But if you can help me for other excellent hack, it can same me many time :)

    For the moment i work on NES, and i have finish Daphne too.

  • @darknior , my template is that size. I did it only as a mockup in Microsoft Paint...It would require a complete do over.

  • @hankola said in Where to found Cartmod SNES Covers ?:

    @darknior , my template is that size. I did it only as a mockup in Microsoft Paint...It would require a complete do over.

    Ok i understand.
    You use paint ??? No Photoshop ?

  • @darknior ...yes, the dark ages right?

  • LOL yes for sure :p

  • @darknior Haha....

    I actually do a few things in paint still myself. If I have to move an image slightly to get rid of a bad edge or resize it slightly that's the quickest way for me.

    I actually recommend Paint.NET though. It was real easy for me to pick up and there's a huge fan community that makes a lot of helpful extensions. I've used some of these extensions for altering the perspective to make really bad angled box and cart shots look like they were taken directly head on.

    Made a HUGE difference when I could get a 1500x2100 image off of ebay and change the perspective to have an amazing HQ image instead of using some 300x425 image with a beat up box and a sticker on it that I found on some random gamer site.

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