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Wii U pro Controller Drastic and Reicast Issues

  • I can't seem to get the WII U pro controller working properly for drastic on retropie,I'd appreciate it if someone can link me a drastic.cfg file for the wii u controller.And Also having some issues with the Wii U controller and reicast,in Sonic Adventure for example you have to barely tap the joystick to move forward,if you press on it you end up going backwards,is this a reicast issue?does anyone have a reicast controller file for the wii U pro controller that works properly?

  • Hey @kdretro, did you ever find a solution for the Reicast/Wii U Pro issue? My Wii U Pro controller was working fine up until I overclocked my Pi 3 and updated the Raspbian OS packages. Does yours freeze up when trying to configure the controller on Reicast? Mine hangs up right when I get to the analog stick part. Are you using the PI3 and have you overclocked it?

    Just realized I don't think I ever had the Wii U Pro Controller working properly with Reicast. I'm pretty sure I was using my XBOX One Controller before.

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