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  • Good evening folks... The other thread I posted on seemed to die, so I am starting this one.. I am needing to figure this out please.

    So im setting up GT and Crystal Castles etc with my new trackball and advmame.

    For whatever reason the settings done save (sensitivity etc), really ANY setting I change, wont save.

    I have changed the rights in the advmame.rc (also .94 and 1.4) and the Cfg to RWSRWSRWT. Nothing is saving.
    please advise.
    thank you smarter than me folks :)

  • sorry to have to keep bringing this up to the top, but does seriously no one have an answer? is there a chance the configuration would be saved (well not saved) somewhere else that I would need to change rights to?
    The pi setup is essentially unuseable at this point.
    thank you folks

  • @dunginhawk Can you describe your build? In other words, how was your setup installed in the first place?

    The reason I ask is, well, we should be posting that base info anyway, but also, I have used advmame (and .94 and 1.4) extensively, and using a 4.2 build, I am not seeing this issue. In fact, quite the opposite. I even setup an Apple2 emulator using advmame (using mess actually) and it is saving changes for every disk image which was, in fact, more detailed than I expected.

    Have you verified that the configs you are looking at are indeed the ones being used by the emulator? For example, if you make a manual adjustment in the config file, is it visible when you re-launch the emulator?

  • caver, thanks for chiming in...
    There is really only one spot to modify (maybe im wrong about this) the files I want.


    in there are the .rc files for the 3 adv mames i have installed.
    .94.rc and 1.4.rc

    THe build is really straight forward, current retropie. no other modifications done to it... very barebones.
    standard Pi PS (sold with the pi)
    RPI version 4.2
    Premade image on pi website
    USB devices - keyboard, trackball, zero delay controller
    happ style controller + twisted quarter trackball
    no error messages, just wont save settings.
    ADV mame

    need anything else?
    thank youv

  • could it be that changes to the files are saved upon a graceful exit?
    for instance, in advmame I cant seem to exit with hotkeys, i have to pull the power and restart the pi.
    for some reason i cant get it to exit out with button presses

    for whatever reason i dont have hotkey in my configure controller option, which could be why i cant exit... everything is plugged up right (ive used this before) no idea why it wouldnt be there.

  • @dunginhawk said in Settings wont save on ADV mame...:

    could it be that changes to the files are saved upon a graceful exit?

    Oh, yes. That’s it for sure. I was getting there, but you beat me to it. I wanted to verify standard, supportable software situation, but it definitely saves on exit. I have seen it happen in real time.

    So, this is easy to verify. Connect a keyboard and do a graceful exit with ESC. Your settings changes should stick.

  • settings do save.. now its a matter of figuring out how the hell to back out of this advmame haha.
    in the configure controller i dont have the hotkey option

  • so what setting in a config file do i need to change, so that my left button acts as escape? im not as familiar with editing those files. ive never had to before. joysticks have just worked... but for some reason with this joystick i dont see the hotkey button when i map em

  • @dunginhawk I don’t have a Zero Delay controller, but from what I have read, it is NOT a keyboard controller. It does not sent keystrokes, it sends joystick input. So, you can’t exactly change a configuration that makes it send ESC.

    What you could do is configure whatever emulator you are using to map the exit function to your button. In AdvanceMAME, you would simply bring up the in game MAME GUI menu with TAB on a keyboard and navigate the menus to edit inputs. Find the one for EXIT and map it with your button. For Retroarch emulators you can edit the opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg file and find the exit command and map it to whatever button you are talking about.

  • @dunginhawk also, hotkeys don’t work in AdvanceMAME. The hotkey function is a retroarch thing, and AdvanceMAME is a stand-alone emulator (retroarch settings do not apply). But, hotkeys should work in any of the libretro cores. For instance, by default you should be able to exit lr-mame2003 by pressing SELECT+START, assuming you mapped buttons to those.

  • @dunginhawk To exit AdvanceMAME with a controller, you need to map a button to UI Cancel in the TAB menu.

  • @dudleydes thanks dudleydes... crazy that this UIcancel doesnt work in LRmame or some others but does here... I didnt even think to try it...
    PERFECT. now everything runs as it should and I can seal it up and play ...
    I do only have GT2k and GT3D working though.. ive heard others work, guess ill have to investigate that :)
    thanks again

  • @dunginhawk said in Settings wont save on ADV mame...:

    crazy that this UIcancel doesnt work in LRmame

    It does work in lr-mame2003. You can remap exit in the GUI menu and it will allow you to exit with a single button (no hotkey).

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