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Reicast too loud

  • Is there a way to adjust the volume in reicast so it will match the volume level of the retroarch systems?each time I use it I have to change the volume of the tv...or should I set the alsa volume lower so that the emulationstation volume would have to be at 100% and reicast would have no problems?...the problem is reicast only,not having that problem with drastic..reicast is ridiculously loud there a setting in the reicast config file for the volume level?

  • I am having the same problem too. There doesn't seem to be that much information about this out there, but almost blows my speakers everytime it loads up lol.

  • Same issue. I don't find a way to adjust volume for reicast. Isn't it strange that the volume is not manage as other emulators and libretrocores wich work with omx ?

  • Could you turn the mixer volume in retropie to bring everything up close to the reicast volume ?

  • Thanks @Trailjacker, but it's not my aim. In fact here is my config :

    • Every device are connected to my home cinema aplifier.
    • Each device is plugged as INPUT on the amplifier
    • Tv is plugged as OUTPUT only (I don't watch TV)
    • The sound volume is managed by the amplifier and is FIXED (i don't want to have to change the sound volume each time i change the input source)
    • the input source is managed by the amplifier

    So for each of my devices, the volume on the amplifier is the same, and I adjust my devices sound output only one time

    So in my case for Retropie, the sound volume for every system is already adjusted. But this config is not working only for Reicast :(

  • I have this exact same problem months later, was this ever resolved?

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