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Error message while Loading. Can't Start.

  • I am getting an error message when i load Retro Pie 4.2. I haven't touch it in 2 months and I am not sure why it is happening.
    After logo show up, it goes to black screen terminal saying: "terminate called after throwing an instance of char const".
    Keyboard or gamepad can't be use at this point.

    Any ideas why this is happening and how should i fix it?

    See image for more info:



  • @da_kicks_87 I hate to say it, but your SD Card may have been corrupted. Did you make a backup of your image?

  • I believe i do have the image on my PC. What would be the solution to fix this? Reinstalling the image to the SD card?

    Do you know what could have caused the SD card to get corrupted? I was brand new.

  • @da_kicks_87 Who knows what could have caused it. If it were me, I would reformat the SD card and then flash the backup image to the card. If you still have issues, you may possibly have a faulty SD card.


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