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Work in progress Super Famicom project.

  • Hello everyone! I had recently gotten some help with getting some info on making a Raspberry Pi work, and was advised to go on ahead and show some work in progress shots of it.

    Outer shell. Front mounted USBs in place, but wires are far too long, and will need to be cut and spliced at some point.
    front mounted USB in place, but at 6-feet long, will need to be modified in order to work properly inside this thing, without being run out the back, as they are now.
    If everything goes according to plan, this is all the cosmetic differences that will be seen, apart from the media hub which will be located in the back.

    Microswitches located at Reset and Eject respectively.
    Two microswitches have been permanently affixed to the console shell, to serve as a replacement to Reset, and eject's default functions. As eject was purely mechanical, I plan to use it to return to the game menu.
    The cartridge lock mechanism still functions as it should. This was left intact because I plan to have one more USB mounted inside the unit to serve as a new cartridge bay.
    If this works as planned, I will have cartridges that I can use in this. (Which will effectively just be a pen drive mounted in a cartridge shell. but it will look cool I think.)

    Anyway, this is still very early into the project. And it looks like the board may be a bit before it arrives.
    I'll update you guys once I am able to make more progress! Take care!

  • @nite-shadow

    You should checkout what @ruckage is doing with his.. He made it so you can't see USB ports. And the Pi uses the original ports, pretty neat!!

    Also I like the idea of turning a cartridge into basically a USB thumb drive to read ROMs! Neat idea!!

    I just wish someone with a 3d printer could make a smaller version of this and the US one, for sale instead of the crappy ones on eBay that exposes the side for access to the ports!! That's why I love the NESPi that came out recently and has been fluctuating in price..

  • @graphicsgod Alas, the controller ports on the original unit were horrifically damaged when I got it.
    The rest were used as part of a Frankensnes project which got me an original US SNES functioning.
    (For getting both units as broken beyond repair, I say I did okay)
    Truth be told, it was a concept I had looked in to, I just couldn't warrant attempting it.. not with the contacts crumbling to dust.

    The cartridge slot idea was among the fist things to come to mind with the project, though it will likely be the last thing implemented. until I get the cartridge shells, it seems the player 2 USB port will suffice.

    That project you linked to, looks freaking badass! I look forward to seeing where that goes.

    As for the 3d printed shell. Albeit I could do it provided the equipment, I simply cannot afford the hardware. In case it isn't obvious from things I noted before, I don't exactly have much money to my name. Just levels of nerd which get me what I want.

  • Good news! My raspberry Pi 3 board finally arrived! Took me all of five minutes to get the important stuff installed and out of the way. This is going to be easy. ^_^

  • I'm cheap and didn't want to waste $ on usb adapters or chips to solder so I just soldered controller wires direct to gpio. My only issue is heat. I ordered a flirc case and hopefully it fits in my setup.

  • @darksavior Okay then.

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