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Assigning two physical buttons to one virtual button

  • I've got Xbox 360 controllers and currently have the L trigger mapped to what would be the "z" button/trigger. It works fine for me and is a bit more familiar when playing N64 games with the L analog stick on the 360 controller because the Z trigger and analog stick were used with the L hand on N64.

    For my wife and kids, they don't understand why they can't use both triggers to waste me in Goldeneye. I've tried to edit the config file in various ways, but haven't had any luck yet.

    Here's what I have right now:

    Digital button configuration mappings

    DPad R = "button(13)”
    DPad L = "button(14)”
    DPad D = "button(16)"
    DPad U = "button(15)"
    Start = "button(9)"
    Z Trig = "button(6) button(7)“
    B Button = ""button(1)”"
    A Button = ""button(0)”"
    C Button R = "axis(2+)"
    C Button L = "axis(2-)"
    C Button D = "axis(3+)"
    C Button U = "axis(3-)"
    R Trig = "button(5)"
    L Trig = "button(4)"
    Mempak switch = "button(11)"
    Rumblepak switch = ""button(12)”"

    Analog axis configuration mappings

    X Axis = "axis(0-,0+)"
    Y Axis = "axis(1-,1+)"
    Joy Mapping Stop = "J0B8/B9"

    I've also tried "button(6,7)", "button(6, 7)" and had no luck.

    Any ideas? I feel like this should be possible and I just haven't figured it out.

  • @matamualomia if it has an option to use both it is probabably (6/7) as the config uses this method for the exit keys

  • @matamualomia

    Or it might be "J0B6/B7" or
    "button(6) or button(7)“

  • @matamualomia also try

    "button(6), button(7)“ or

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