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Recommended coop dungeon crawlers

  • Hi, anyone knows of any good dungeon crawlers for 8-bit or 16-bit consoles? My gaming experience comes mainly from 8-bit computers in my youth and from then on it's been exclusively PC, but I am lost when it comes to classic consoles.

    Now, I already got RPG titles like the SNES Zelda and the like, and although they're awesome, and they do have lots of dungeons to crawl, that's not exactly what I am looking for. I was thinking of something along the lines of Gauntlet (which I also got already), with action-related gameplay, lots of levels and preferably coop-play involved. For those of you who might have played it, the perfect example of what I am looking for is the indie PC game Hammerwatch. Is there anything like that for the golden age machines? It doesn't need to be fantasy themed by the way.

  • @svmariscal said in Recommended dungeon crawlers:

    It doesn't need to be fantasy themed by the way

    Does it need to be actual dungeon themed? I'm asking because I think Goofy Troop and Zoombies Ate My Neighbors (both for SNES) match the "action-related gameplay, lots of levels and preferably coop-play involved" criteria.

    I also would like to know other suggestions here... :-)

  • If "being in a dungeon" isn't necessarily part of the criteria, I believe "Chaos Engine" and "Crack Down" on the Genesis could be good options. They are quite different, though - "Chaos Engine" is more of an action game, whereas Crack Down is a bit more slower paced.

    "Smash TV" (unsure if the console versions are multiplayer) could also be an idea, though that progresses on a room-by-room basis. That's purely action based though, but co-op can be fun.

    This didn't really answer the "dungeon crawler" bit, though :)

  • Yeah thanks a lot both of you. Those recommendations are very close to what I was looking for; maybe the "dungeon crawler" tag might be a little misleading :)

    Speaking of which, I said in my first post I wasn't looking for RPGs because I assumed all of them would be 1-player like Zelda, but I have recently discovered that Secret of Mana in the SNES is apparently sort of a coop Zelda. So, as the coop bit is the most important to me, if you know of any other 2-player RPGS, I am all ears (eyes).

    Thanks again.

  • @meleu Thanks, I'll check it out.

  • Stumbled into those two titles which look quite interesting: there are NES and SMS ports, but the arcade version is far superior. Terrific 2-player action still have to try it. This one got a followup on the Super Famicom called Crystal Beans, it's only in japanese but there's a fanmade translation patch for it.

    EDIT: also, changed the thread title to add the 'coop' bit

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