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8bitdo Controllers not connecting when system is turned on.

  • Hey everyone. I'm having serious trouble with my controllers. I bought a set of SNES 8bitdo controllers. I have previously paired two PS3 controllers to the pi. When I boot up with only a USB keyboard, I can go in to the Bluetooth set up, I can pair the 8bitdo controller and register the keys. However, when I reboot or turn off the Pi, the controller will not connect. I've watched the on-line video by Floob, I did it step by step, and had no luck. I unregistered every paired Bluetooth controller and started over. I created the 8bitdo start script from the menu. I tried all three different Bluetooth connection settings (background, boot, and the other one). I have updated their firmware. I cannot get them to connect without going into the Bluetooth menu every time I boot up. What can I do?! I'm at a loss here. I have not uninstalled the PS3 drivers as I have no idea how. Also, please keep in mind, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to editing code and what not. If there are scripts I need to change and or modify, I would really appreciate a very hand holdy response. Please help me!!!!!

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