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SSelph Scraper and Mixed Images

  • Hi :)

    Does anyone know if it is possible to scrape mixed style images using sselph scraper, and if so, what the flags are?
    For example, something like this:

    alt text

    I've seen it mentioned in a topic here but I've not seen any mention of it in the wiki or github notes, so was wondering if it was at all possible from RetroPie. I know it's possible from XML Scraper but I'd much prefer to use sselph if at all possible.


  • I am not a smart man.

    It turns out that it is there in the github wiki (in my defence, you have to scroll the page sideways a touch to see it). FYI it is -console_img mix3 or mix4.


  • Maybe you can give me a hand because I have the same question.

    I've been using XML but I started using SSelphs's scrapper. I like the mix images but the Selph scrapper has only been downloading boxart. I installed the scraper through RetroPie, and haven't seen an option to change the image style in the config menus.

    What can I do to get SSelph' scrapper to start downloading mixed images.

  • Sselph's graphical menu from the RetroPie-Setup options is fairly limited - it's the command line where it really comes into its own.

    In essence, quit ES by pressing F4 (scraping whilst ES is running usually doesn't work very well). cd to the roms directory and then into your console of choice and then run the following:

    /opt/retropie/supplementary/scraper/scraper -add_not_found -download_images -download_marquees -download_videos -console_src ss,gdb -console_img mix4,3b,b,s,f,l -image_dir=boxart -image_path=boxart -img_format png -video_dir=snap -video_path=snap -marquee_dir=wheel -marquee_path=wheel -marquee_format png -image_suffix="" -video_suffix="" -marquee_suffix="" -missing "games_missing.csv"

    Please note, I've been separating out video snaps and marquees in prep for an Attract Mode build so you may want to adjust accordingly. To break the command down, it's scraping a mixed mode image from screenscraper and putting into a 'boxart' folder within the console's rom folder (-console_img mix4,3b,b,s,f,l means it looks for a mixed image first, then 3d box art, then boxart, then screenshot etc). It's then doing the same for video snaps and marquee images and all images will be output as png. I've also set it to output any missing titles into a csv for reference. If you didn't want videos, you could just remove the -download_videos flag.

    If you are a Windows user you can run this directly on your roms folders via DOS if you download the DOS version of Sselph scraper.

    Hope that helps.

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