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32X problems ....appreciate any help

  • I got my Raspberry Pi 3 off ebay from a seller and thanks to a little help on the forums, I figured out how to check the retropie version i was running. It was 4.1.

    On sega 32X, one particular game that keeps crashing is Kolibri. It’s around the fourth level or so, the game continues to crash and send me back to the game selection screen. I switched around different screen ratio settings for that rom and eventually, changing to one of those seemed to stop the crashing problem. I got through the entire fourth level of Kolibri without a crash. So I thought “GREAT!”

    Then later on, I went to that game again, loaded the saved state that put me back at the beginning of that level, just to try it again.....and then I ran into a crash again.

    Does anyone know what causes the game to crash at all, and would upgrading to the latest 4.3 do anything for this or make it worse? I’m scared being new to this thing and I don’t know what happens to all the games and everything when you upgrade to 4.3, like if it erases all my games, and settings, save states, etc.

  • @dogeymon An upgrade should not erase your games, but one problem you are going to face over and over again is getting good advice about how to troubleshoot a system of unknown origin. What I mean by that is that is sounds like you bought it with RetroPie already installed. If that's the case, you really don't know for certain what other configurations have been added, settings changed and other software loaded or removed.

    A better starting place would be to download the RetroPie image, put it on your own SD card, load your game in question, and see if it crashes. If it does, you can at least claim to have a clean system and proceed with troubleshooting. If it does NOT crash, well, you know something in your pre-built system is problematic and you should work with whomever sold it to you to fix that (you should be asking them anyway).

  • @caver01

    Ok well thanks for the answer. I’m pretty new and like a fish out of water. I have talked endlessly with the seller quite a bit and sometimes he helps but other times he’s just all “i dunno” so I figured I’d give it a shot and try to ask some questions on this board.

  • @dogeymon No problem. But you see our dilemma? We don't know what the seller started with. You could, without breaking anything you have, swap cards for the actual Retropie image, load up just that single ROM and emulator and try it. At least you would know. . . is this a ROM or RetroPie issue you are troubleshooting, or does it have something to do with your setup? For all we know, it could be setup with overclocking or some sketchy performance setting that is causing intermittent crashes. You might even have a bad SD card.

    It might very well be that this ROM has problems in the emulator. It would be nice if someone who also plays this game on a known working system could chime in and confirm.

  • @caver01

    There’s no dillema....this is what I needed: someone to help me figure out some ideas to try out. Thanks for making me think it could be a problem with the rom. I’ll try that for starters.

  • @caver01 I can confirm the problem. I crash as well. I have "stock" retro pie (newset) installed from the official image myself. It very well could just be a compatibility issue but might be a rom problem as well.

    You can try a new/different rom..but it my be a compatibility issue...if that is the case well..all you can do is wait for the libretro team to fix it

  • Looking at Picodrive's issue list, I can see that Kolibri was reported as crashing in level 2 by some users, and slowdown by others. Therefore I think this is a problem with the individual emulator.

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