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My Remastered 3DO Covers + Logos + Videos

  • Hi
    I have already finish my pack :)
    62 Best Games with all the Covers, Logos, Videos and all the informations in French :p
    Many more than we can found on ScreenScrapper ... i must see if i can give them, all my work with an easy import!

    Here my covers i made, to share them on GOOGLE ;)

    Alone in the Dark (USA)
    0_1506459860112_Alone in the Dark (USA).jpg

    Alone in the Dark 2 (USA)
    0_1506459872301_Alone in the Dark 2 (USA).jpg

    BattleSport (USA)
    0_1506459882684_BattleSport (USA).jpg

    Blade Force (USA)
    0_1506459895150_Blade Force (USA).jpg

    Burning Soldier (USA)
    0_1506459905635_Burning Soldier (USA).jpg

    Bust-A-Move (USA)
    0_1506459916242_Bust-A-Move (USA).jpg

    Cannon Fodder (USA)
    0_1506459928441_Cannon Fodder (USA).jpg

    Captain Quazar (USA)
    0_1506459944318_Captain Quazar (USA).jpg

    Corpse Killer (USA)
    0_1506459957276_Corpse Killer (USA).jpg

    Crash 'n Burn (USA)
    0_1506459971832_Crash 'n Burn (USA).jpg

  • D (USA, Europe) (2 Disc)
    0_1506460031882_D (USA, Europe) (2 Disc).jpg

    Daedalus Encounter, The (USA) (4 Disc)
    0_1506460041635_Daedalus Encounter, The (USA) (4 Disc).jpg

    Dragon's Lair (USA)
    0_1506460050669_Dragon's Lair (USA).jpg

    FIFA International Soccer (USA)
    0_1506460059581_FIFA International Soccer (USA).jpg

    Flashback - The Quest for Identity (USA)
    0_1506460068455_Flashback - The Quest for Identity (USA).jpg

    Gex (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460077092_Gex (USA, Europe).jpg

    Guardian War (USA)
    0_1506460088416_Guardian War (USA).jpg

    Horde, The (USA)
    0_1506460100941_Horde, The (USA).jpg

    Immercenary (USA)
    0_1506460111655_Immercenary (USA).jpg

    Incredible Machine, The (USA)
    0_1506460121897_Incredible Machine, The (USA).jpg

  • John Madden Football (USA)
    0_1506460153501_John Madden Football (USA).jpg

    Johnny Bazookatone (USA)
    0_1506460161630_Johnny Bazookatone (USA).jpg

    Killing Time (USA)
    0_1506460171771_Killing Time (USA).jpg

    Lemmings (USA)
    0_1506460181439_Lemmings (USA).jpg

    Lucienne's Quest (USA)
    0_1506460190796_Lucienne's Quest (USA).jpg

    Mad Dog McCree (USA)
    0_1506460201176_Mad Dog McCree (USA).jpg

    Myst (USA)
    0_1506460214874_Myst (USA).jpg

    Need for Speed, The (USA)
    0_1506460226675_Need for Speed, The (USA).jpg

    Night Trap (USA) (2 Disc)
    0_1506460237758_Night Trap (USA) (2 Disc).jpg

    Novastorm (USA)
    0_1506460247999_Novastorm (USA).jpg

  • Olympic Summer Games (USA)
    0_1506460279580_Olympic Summer Games (USA).jpg Olympic Summer Games (USA)

    Out of this World (USA)
    0_1506460291203_Out of this World (USA).jpg

    Panzer General (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460304891_Panzer General (USA, Europe).jpg

    PaTaank (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460326154_PaTaank (USA, Europe).jpg

    PGA Tour 96 (USA)
    0_1506460317175_PGA Tour 96 (USA).jpg

    PO'ed (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460347089_PO'ed (USA, Europe).jpg

    Primal Rage (Europe)
    0_1506460358111_Primal Rage (Europe).jpg

    Psychic Detective (USA) (3 Disc)
    0_1506460369692_Psychic Detective (USA) (3 Disc).jpg

    Quarantine (USA)
    0_1506460378787_Quarantine (USA).jpg

    Return Fire (USA)
    0_1506460388955_Return Fire (USA).jpg

  • Road Rash (USA)
    0_1506460417453_Road Rash (USA).jpg

    Samurai Shodown (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460426786_Samurai Shodown (USA, Europe).jpg

    Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (USA) (2 Disc)
    0_1506460436354_Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (USA) (2 Disc).jpg

    Slam 'N Jam '95 (USA)
    0_1506460446905_Slam 'N Jam '95 (USA).jpg

    Slayer (USA)
    0_1506460456420_Slayer (USA).jpg

    Snowjob (Europe) (2 Disc)
    0_1506460465472_Snowjob (Europe) (2 Disc).jpg

    Soccer Kid (USA)
    0_1506460477851_Soccer Kid (USA).jpg

    Space Ace (USA)
    0_1506460491297_Space Ace (USA).jpg

    Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels (USA)
    0_1506460500723_Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels (USA).jpg

    Star Control II (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460511314_Star Control II (USA, Europe).jpg

  • I've never even played a 3DO game in my life. I'm really looking forward to it, but that seems like it's going to be years from now before I ever make it to that point.

    As always, your work is stellar D. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • @used2berx Thanks RX :)
    Yes i never try it before too, i try for the first time when making this pack, and there are many cool games we don't know :)
    The only problem was is it very slow on RP3 for the moment :(
    Maybe one day some one will work on it, or maybe in the future with a RP4 or 5 :p
    Like ever i have the pack if you want it.

    Star Fighter (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460689550_Star Fighter (USA, Europe).jpg

    StarBlade (USA)
    0_1506460701448_StarBlade (USA).jpg

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo (USA)
    0_1506460712643_Super Street Fighter II Turbo (USA).jpg

    Syndicate (USA)
    0_1506460723542_Syndicate (USA).jpg

    Theme Park (USA) - The real cover and not the fake ;)
    0_1506460747539_Theme Park (USA).jpg

    Total Eclipse (USA)
    0_1506460759767_Total Eclipse (USA).jpg

    Trip'd (USA, Europe) - All redraw, very hard to found some stuff about it ...
    0_1506460793623_Trip'd (USA, Europe).jpg

    Twisted - The Game Show (USA)
    0_1506460822538_Twisted - The Game Show (USA).jpg

    Way of the Warrior (USA)
    0_1506460831865_Way of the Warrior (USA).jpg

    Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (USA) (4 Disc)
    0_1506460843346_Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (USA) (4 Disc).jpg

    Wolfenstein 3D (USA)
    0_1506460854116_Wolfenstein 3D (USA).jpg

    Zhadnost - The Peoples Party (USA, Europe)
    0_1506460865709_Zhadnost - The Peoples Party (USA, Europe).jpg


  • All my stuff is now integrate in
    62 Covers + Icons + Videos.

  • Add direct link to DL all the 62 games Images stuff (Cover n Logo) + Videos.!LcMB3IpR!ZUQxRnBMndIL1aFx8OoL7A!LMcGFAJa

  • @darknior You missed one 3DO game here...
    Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 😃

  • @hyruleslink said in My Remastered 3DO Covers + Logos + Videos:

    Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

    Thanks i don't know this game before lol

    But i think it is not really interesting to play ... I prefer play to a Gals Panic game or a Leasure Larry Suit game ;)

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