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  • I'm running into the issue that games of the Classic NES / Famicom Mini Series on GBA won't work on Retropie.
    Even after applying the .ips-patches available online for them, I still get a
    "Cartridge error - Please turn the power off" when trying to launch them:
    0_1507375021606_Famicom Mini Vol. 22 - Nazo no Murasame Jou (Japan)-171004-181550.png
    I was able to narrow down the problem to the save type used. When running the patched ROMs on an emulator on PC and manually changing the save type to SRAM, they ran just fine, while any other save type (even auto-detect) crashed them.
    So is there a way to force the GBA emulator on Retropie to use the SRAM save type for specific ROMs?


    Pi Model: 2B
    RetroPie Version 4.3.1
    (And yeah, I know I could just use their NES/FDS ROM counterparts, but that isn't really the point :D)

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