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Phantom Inputs from PS4 controller

  • Hi all,

    I'm having issues with phantom inputs coming in from my PS4 controller. It only happens via bluetooth, plugging it in via USB fixes the problem, but also tethers me to the unit a couple feet away.
    My 8bitd0 sf30 is working fine, just having issues with the PS4 controller. Any ideas?

    Pi Model or other hardware: pi 3
    Power Supply used: (canakit psu)
    RetroPie Version Used (4.1/latest):
    Built From: (retropie image)
    USB Devices connected: just the controller when needed
    Controller used: ps4
    Error messages received: none
    Emulator: (various, happens in retropie menus)

  • It might be picking up some of the input from the SixAxis motion sensing or one of the touchpads. If a different configuration is used by the RetroPie for the same controller for USB and Bluetooth, you might just need to fix the Bluetooth's config. It might explain why it happens on one setup and not the other. Not really an expert, or even an owner of a PS4 controller, though.

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