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Display controls on launch or in game?

  • Hi guys. I google everything before posting and surprisingly didn't recieve much on my latest search.

    Is there a button that can be pressed in-game that would bring up a screen displaying the controls? My use is for lr-mame2003 specifically. If not, can it be implemented in retropie easily? I've built arcades with pcs running gameex and this feature was great especially for friends who didn't know the machine as intimately as I did. It would be displayed upon launching a game before the game booted - or could be displayed by pressing a button during the game.

    I've attached an image I found on google of the screen from gameex I was talking about.

    I'd even be happy with knowledge on how to display an image upon pressing a button in-game if that would be easier. The project I'm working on only will have about 20 games so I wouldn't mind making 20 different images displaying the buttons as they are on my control panel for each of the games.

    Hope I articulated this properly enough. Thanks for your time.

  • @krispy see "custom launch images" You can change the timing to show this image for as long as you want before the game launches.
    There is no way that I know of to bring up the same image during gameplay.

  • Will look into it Johnny thanks a bunch man - if I can get it to flash before the game launches then great! If I wasn't able to I would have settled for a in game pull up screen so boom!

  • @krispy No worries. 5-7 seconds for the display should be enough before launching the game but obviously you can set this to your own preference.

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