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Trouble with RPIx86

  • Hello, I recently installed RPIx86 for use with some of my Dos games that don't run very well in Dosbox, and am having a problem with changing the directory of certain folders. I am trying to switch to a folder which has a space in it and have tried everything, including parentheses and backslashes. I am wondering if there is a way to switch to these folders or will I have to change the names and omit spaces?

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    @whygodwhy Make sure you're not breaking the 8 chars per file/folder name in a DOS OS and mind the case sensitivity differences.
    Better shorted any names and make sure they're all in Uppercase.

  • @whygodwhy My preference is to use quotation marks for folders and files names with spaces. For example, I would use cd "folder with spaces"

    Just curious which DOS game you're having trouble with. I found rpix86 rather limited and gave up on it pretty early. It was always possible to tweak the DOSBox config file to improve performance.

    It's worth checking the compatability list to see how your game would run in rpix86.

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  • @dudleydes Thanks, I am currently having lag issues with Alien trilogy, visual issues with carmageddon, and an issue with blood, it keeps saying that it is missing art tiles. Sadly looking at the compatibility file carmageddon does not work.

  • @whygodwhy DOSBox on the Pi will struggle with action-heavy titles from 1996 onwards and if they do run, will only do so at low resolutions such as 320x200. Even then, there may be lag.

    For Alien Trilogy and Carmageddon, you may want to look at the Playstation versions.

    In the Blood folder, I have files where XXX are numbers from 000 to 017. Do you have these?

    For optimising Blood in DOSBox, you may find the following links useful:

  • Thanks, I will check out the Ps1 versions, and yes I have all the tile art files for blood, if I take the folder to my pc and launch it, it plays fine, but on the pi it gives the error.

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