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Can't enable splash screen all the sudden?

  • Anyone know why i wouldn't be able to enable splash screen all the sudden in my retropie setup? I have splash screen in the splash screen folder and plenty of space on sd card. I go into retropie setup and click splash screen. But when I click to enable the splash screen it flashes a quick error on the bottom left of the screen that says "failed to execute operation": no such file or directory.
    I have been changing splashscreens on multiple images without any problem.. anyone know what could be causing this on this particular image? I am runningvthe latest retropie version as well. Thanks

  • Same here after updating the RetroPie setup script today ...

    (can't set the Splash Screen to enable)

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    @psyke83 - possibly related to your changes? I don't have time to check right now.

  • I'm hearing of more people having this problem.. can anyone think of a fix?

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    None of you provided much information, but after testing, I assume you just did a RetroPie-Setup script update, and didn't do a proper update - either update the splashscreen package from Packages -> Main or do an update from the main RetroPie-Setup screen (second option).

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    I have added a workaround if updating just the RetroPie-Setup script without doing a full update.

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  • @buzz

    Thank you very, very much for your fast help - now it's working again!

    Sorry for providing not enough information. Won't happen again. ^^


  • Same, thanks man worked perfect...

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