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unable to access genesis share

  • So I followed the steps here
    To make it display sega genesis instead of sega megadrive in emulationstation menu. After updating it does now display sega genesis. :)

    But now the genesis share \retropie\genesis is unreadable. It still displays but I cannot access. I get the directory name is invalid. Before following the steps I could access genesis or megadrive. It's not that big of a deal, but curious. Is there some reason I can only write to megadrive when I would like to display genesis? Before this step I could read and write fine from either subfolder. Is there something wrong with permissions? I think I am on 4.3 but can't figure out how to check. I did just update in the last couple days.

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    @flagrant99 The genesis folder is just a shortcut (symlink) to the megadrive folder, so you can just copy ROMs in the megadrive and they'll show up under the genesis in the RetroPie interface.

  • right. I understand that if I write to the megadrive folder they show up under genesis in the front end. Was just wondering if I screwed something up or this was by design. Just thought it odd that when I display megadrive I can write to genesis or megadrive. But when I display genesis I have to write to megadrive. Honestly the most annoying thing about it is I like to sync files from the roms share but I can't even read from the visible genesis sub folder. So I have to sync each subfolder independently. Like I said when ever I click on the genesis subfolder over samba I get the directory name is invalid errors. If the symlink worked like before I should have been able to read from it right?

  • @flagrant99 I have the same issue. It was fine before I upgraded to 4.3 recently. I hope to find what I need to type in the command line to remove this read protection. If I find it I will post back.

  • ok, I should have paid better attention to the post above. Its a virtual/share folder, not sure why no after update but yeah, copy .md files to megadrive not genesis. Whats strange is after the update to 4.3 I lost all of the .md's I had on the SD card.

  • Ok thx spinmaster. This means this had more to do with the upgrade to 4.3. I just happened to update to 4.3 while changing the logo. Probably the best solution is to just kill the symlink. If I ever figure it out I will post here.

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    @flagrant99 I doubt it has anything to do with the 4.3 upgrade, I've seen the same behavior before and there are a few posts in the forum asking the same thing.
    The symlink support in Samba - the application that's responsible for the file sharing - has changed a long time ago due to the .
    If you want to enable it again, then you'll need to modify the configuration file just like it's described here - .

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