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How can I test PS1 multi-cd game disk swapping?

  • Hello everyone. I'm in the process of building a RetroPie system for my son who's birthday is in two weeks. I've done all my testing on the PC using EmulationStation and RetroArch with the same cores that RetroPie will be utilizing.

    I have a question about PS1 multi-cd games. For those games, following the directions, I've created .m3u playlists that reference the cue files for each cd in a multi-cd set.

    For instance the contents of a test game would look like:


    Then the contents of each of those files (which are just cue files renamed to .cd1 and .cd2 to hide them from the playlist) will look something like:

    -disc1.bin (along with other regular cue file data)
    -disc2.cd2 (along with other regular cue file data)

    The games load up fine and I can play them but I haven't had enough time to play one of these through to the point that I need to change to the 2nd CD. When that happens, what should I expect? Does the system automatically switch to the next CD because I'm using an m3u playlist or will I need to do the swap via the menu somehow when it comes time to make the swap. Any way you guys or gals know of to test this works (so I can make sure my m3u setup works)?


  • With my ps1 games, that are converted to pbp, you go into the Retroarch menu when the game wants you to swap discs.

    Open Menu -> Quick Menu -> Disc Options -> open virtual lid -> change disc -> close lid -> resume game

    I guess its the same process for m3u.

  • @parasven Ahh, cool. Thank you!

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