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Lightning bolt problem

  • Games used to run good on my pi 3 but for some reason, when I’m at retropie menu and going through games to play, the little yellow lightning bolt icon at the top right of the screen is always blinking all the time.

    And during most games I play, it keeps showing up and the game slows down and sounds bad sometimes for a few seconds.

    Does anyone know what this things problem is and how this might be fixed? I’m sure people will say it could be a number of things. But just looking for ideas or suggestions. Not expecting anyone to know

  • @dogeymon insufficient power so the pi slows itself down. Get a 2.5a rated ac adapter. I use the official 2.5a pi3 one. Not all 2.5a ac adapters are equal so I don't know how reliable the rest are.

    Disable/adjust your overclock if you're overclocking.

  • Holy crap! I had assumed the lightning bolt symbol just meant it was accessing the memory card or something

    That was dumb!

    I was using a cable and USB adapter the person on eBay supplied. It was a usb cable that had a switch on it.

    I liked the design, but that started happening more and more

    I just connected the usb cable that came with my Samsung phone and since then, the lightning bolt is gone completely.

  • administrators

    @dogeymon said in Lightning bolt problem:

    I was using a cable and USB adapter the person on eBay supplied

    Cheap Chinese eBay knickknackery strikes again.

    I'd recommend reputable sellers for pi hardware (haven't had too much luck with eBay so I've stopped buying from there)

  • The lightning bolt is a feature designed to detect cheap crap from China, when it shows up you should replace all cheap Chinese crap for something decent.

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