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Video Manager & Generic Overlays.. Not working?

  • hello all.

    using lr-fbalpha

    tldr my fba retroarch.cfg is overriding all files in the fba directory, showing the horizontal generic bezel for all games instead of only using it for horizontal, not veritcal, and not the custom video manager bezels. was working correctly until a few weeks ago

    My concern is my overlays arent working correctly as they were in the past. Im using the vertical bezel configs for all vertical games (got those config files from a post somewhere on this forum) put them all in the fba folder, and also installed the video manager arcade bezels, which is also in my fba folder. and now for my horizontal games my retroarch.cfg file is setup to display the horizontal bezel for default games without a .cfg file

    the code is

    video_shader = /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/shader/arcade-bezel-shader/crt-pi.glslp
    video_shader_enable = true
    video_smooth = true
    input_overlay = /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/overlays/Final_Arcade_Generic_4x3.cfg
    input_overlay_opacity = "0.800000"
    input_overlay_scale = "1.240000"

    with that being said, every single FBA rom i play is showing the horizontal bezel. a few weeks ago it was showing the appropiate bezels according to the rom, horizontal for horizontal games, vertical for vertical, and custom video manager bezels for those certain roms.

    i've checked all paths inside of the files and they are correct. all files are still in the correct location.

  • Anyone know of a fix?

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