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Project JammaPie for Retro Arcade Console

  • It is my new project since May of this year. Eventually it has been done.

    I am from Taiwan and the Facebook page includes some Chinese posts.
    Here is the Facebook page I am working on:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    RgR JammaPie

    A good companion for your Raspberry Pi/PC + Retro Arcade Console(e.g. SEGA New AstroCity)

    Major features:

    1. It takes VGA666 interface of RPi as video source (You don't need buy any HDMI to VGA converter any more)

    2. It has built-in Audio amplifier, it supports mixed mono to JAMMA or you can use stereo output on the board directly. With D-mode of Audio amplifier setting it can simply output 5W audio power.

    3. Built-in scanline generator. Now, you can use LCD as main monitor and has old school retro scalene shows.

    4. No delay joystick controller. Just simply hook it up with USB cable to RPi or PC then you can have 2 x "11 buttons + 4 D-Pad arcade stick" ready.

    alt text

    Hope retropie fans like my work. :)

  • Full picture with RPi3 attached. And also 3D printed case for JammaPie.




  • Wow, it looks awesome.

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