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Retropie and gamepadblock

  • How many controllers can be connected to the gameblock at one time? I am looking to connect 2 NES controllers and 2 SNES controllers to the gameblock which will be placed on a raspberry pi 3 board (hoping this is possible, first pi build for me ever). Also, can the gameblock and the control both be connect to a Raspberry Pi 3 board at the same time?

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    For all gamepads that are supported so far (including SNES, NES) you can connect controllers for two players. Since the NES and SNES controllers are so similar with respect to how they must be polled, you could also wire NES and SNES controllers at the same time to the GamepadBlock.

    The ControlBlock and the GamepadBlock can be used in parallel: The GamepadBlock is a USB device so the limit is only the maximum number of USB slots here :-)

  • @petrockblog to be absolutely certain, the GamepadBlock is what I need in order to connect all four controllers to the Raspberry Pi 3 board and essentially leave them physically connect to the unit? I completely understand that I would not be using these at the same time, however to save on wear and tear, I would like to simply connect all four controllers to one block then configure the controllers per their respective emulator in a "fire and forget," sense.

  • Hi all,
    @petrockblog I have a question referring the new gamepadblock. I can see that we can switch controllers types using virtual USB com port, but what does it means, technically how to do it, i cannot find any documentation about this. Also, do we have to unplug/replug the gamepadblock after doing this.

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    I have just released a post about the virtual COM port of the GamepadBlock. I hope that answers your questions! You can find it at

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