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PI 3 Model B underpowered issue with retropie emulators

  • i used so many chargers with different outputs with my raspberry pi but i still keep getting the thunderbolt "underpowered" sign on the top left of my screen.

    all my chargers are rated at 5V 2.5A or 5V 3.0A , which should be more than sufficient to power it through any emulator, but for some reason even my SNES games are slowing down so much , most of the time it happens in the start menu instead of during gameplay.

    nothing but an HDTV (Via HDMI) and my ps3 controller is connected
    it is also using both bluetooth and wifi to connect my controller and to connect to the internet

    what can i do to fix this issue?

  • @wingman626 No issues here. I'm using the official pi charger. Not much to go on, though. Need more info:

    Not all chargers are made equal. You get what you pay for. You can try a different microusb cable. Disable your overclock if you're doing that.

  • oh my bad, let me fill that out

    Pi Model or other hardware: pi 3 model B
    Power Supply used: normal 5v 3.0A Phone Charger
    RetroPie Version Used (eg 3.6, 3.8.1, 4.1 - do not write latest): in the RetroPi-setup script it labels 4.3.5
    Built From: the image that i downloaded from the retrpPie website at the time
    USB Devices connected: (none , i only connect my controllers to charge them when they are low, which in this case they are fully charged)
    Controller used: PS3 controller
    Error messages received: Lightning bold "underpowered"
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): i dont beleive this is relevant
    Guide used: no guide
    File: Not applicable?
    Emulator: all emulators experience the slowdowns i mentioned
    Attachment of config files: where would i get this?
    How to replicate the problem: i'm not sure how it even started to begin with, i just havent used my PI in a long time

  • Are you using a Retroflag NESPi case? Because I've seen a lot of talk about those causing under-volt warnings.

    Barring that get a fast-charge micro-usb cable, and don't use a power cable longer than 4ish feet (The shorter the cable the better).

    Oh, and it actually takes a 3 GHz CPU to perfectly emulate an SNES, due to architecture differences and timing issues (yes, I know, the SNES was only ike 33 MHz). A Pi 3b only has 1.2 GHz CPU. Most games will run fine, but almost none will run perfectly.

  • @wingman626 Phone chargers aren't always up to scratch when it comes to powering the Pi, even if it is rated as being sufficient.

    I've always used the official chargers, and never had an issue. I'd recommend getting one and seeing if that resolves your undercurrent warning.

  • A "charger" is not a PSU and is not designed to supply a stable steady flow of power. This is fine when it comes to charging a mobile device, not when it comes to powering the PI. Get a dedicated hard-wired (not plug and USB cable combo) PSU, preferably an official Raspberry Pi one and say goodbye to the lightning bolt.

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