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Retropie-Setup : Is there an easy way to not remove files after an update from source?

  • Hi

    I use Retropie-Setup so many time to update some programs from source.
    Like MAME2003 with now all the Gamez-fan updates, EmulationStation, etc ...
    My problem was when an update is done, RS is removing the source directory, and each MAME update taque me 30 min on PI!

    Is there an easy way or an option to remove this ?

    • I know we must remove the make clean from the build function.
    • And i read RS make gitPullOrClone from source, he can only compile the news feature.
    • When a compilation CRASH, RS let us choice to CLEAN or not the source directory. (already coded)

    An good exemple of what i would like :

    When we want to update a system, it ask us if we want to build all .so file or use existing one.
    It save many time of compilation.
    And now we have BIG Micro SD of 32 64 128Go, we have enough place for some source directories.

  • Global Moderator

    @darknior I guess you can try and modify and remove the this step.
    But I don't think it's going to help, since most of the time taken when updating from source is during compilation and not for getting the sources themselves (via git or direct download + unzipping).

    Just be aware that if you modify the file on your PI, the next update of the RetroPie-setup scripts will fail since you modified it locally and you'd need to make sure you have the original version in place before updating.

  • @mitu Yes i know and it's why i don't want to modify files ... or maybe change one and make a DIFF patch to be compatible with updates.

    And yes DL source is really fast, the long way was in compilation.
    It's why on my own project ScummVM and OpenBOR i have DL the source code and compile it myself in a source directory i create.
    Each time i update the code i can compile very fast to try it.

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