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Delaying Description scrolling / adding Box art as well as video/ marquee

  • Good day fellow Retroneers,

    I've been having a lot of fun these past months putting together my RetroPie. Added the ROMs I wanted, scrapped them all, edited and added in any missing data etc.. went as far as to replace any video previews that were too big (some scrapped videos were 15-20MB) or showed artifacting, plus adding in all missing descriptions, dates, developers etc..


    I'm now at a stage where I'm looking into Themes and customising the look and feel even more. I like the default Carbon Theme, but would like to add a bit more of the Metadata to it. It shows some, but not all.

    All of this can be done by editing the theme.xml and adding/ changing things around. I'll be doing more research into this as I like learning new things and working things through myself. However, I have a few questions before I get started...

    1. Is it possible to put a delay on the scrolling description text? If the description for any ROM is too long, the text will scroll up. However, it starts scrolling the second the ROM shows up and doesn't give enough time to read the first line before it disappears. I would like to add a short delay to the text to give the reader some time to read it. A quick work around would be to add an extra line to the description to delay it, but I want to find a way to do this automatically and not have to edit 100's of descriptions. Maybe a <delay> tag?

    2. How easy would it be to add extra image data to the default Carbon Theme? For example, I have the marquee at the top, a video preview underneath, then date, publisher, description etc.. but I would also like to add in the box art to be displayed next to it. I have all the box art for all my games and all games on all the gamelists have been updated with <image> tags. So everything is good to go, however I need to use it.

    I've read the "Creating your own Theme" guide on Github and it's very useful, but before I dive in further, I just wanted to get some advise from anyone else who has played around with Themes and adding in elements.

    "Game on"

  • Just a suggestion for the devs: it would be cool if we could manually scroll the game description with the right analog stick, and if the stick isn't touched or the controller doesn't have one it would scroll by itself (adjusting the autoscroll time would be cool as mentioned above)

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