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Ghost controller outputs with Kodi

  • I have an iBuffalo controller with an Amazon six foot USB extender.

    While playing a video, there are occasional random key presses that shouldn't have happened.

    The video goes all over the place during these times.

    My current solution is to constantly unplug the controller after selecting play, plugging it back in to pause, and then removing it again after I resume.

    Is there a variable that I can change to increase the minimum amount of time a key is recognized so it no longer accepts these small little ghost signals?

    Something global would be nice as well since it tends to also do this throughout Emulation Station.

  • @addison Go to System -> System Settings -> Input -> Peripherals, your joysticks will appear and have an option to set the deadzones. Try experimenting with different values.

  • @rascas The iBuffalo has only a D-pad. It is not analogue so trying to change the deadzone will have no effect on it. It is either pressed or not pressed.
    I had the same issue and just disabled joystick support in Kodi as it was a pain.
    This is not a Kodi or Retropie issue. The same ghost inputs happen when I run jstest in the console, so it appears to be a Raspbian or Linux driver issue.

  • It's not just Kodi. It's all inputs from all kinds of controllers including Bluetooth.

  • Well than it is most likely a kernel driver issue. Report that to the koystick manufactor, they should provide proper support for their products on Linux.

    @Pussyfoot It is not all controllers, atleast I never had this kind of problems with mine, neither on kodi or in games. I had noticed some ghosting in ES though.

  • So there's not a variable that can be altered to set the minimum about of time an input signal is properly recognized?

    Something like, ignore all signals that are less than 2 milliseconds in length?

    For now, I'm using Yatse on my tablet while leaving the controller unplugged.

  • @rascas People with Bluetooth controllers are reporting this issue. If USB controllers and Bluetooth controllers are affected, there's something wrong with the underlying OS or its drivers.

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