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  • I recently started putting together a retropie, current running the newest 4.3 on a raspberry pi 3. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but i still have this same issue so if someone could help me out id really appreciate it because I have researched for weeks and cant find a solution.

    so whats happening is when i go into a game (any game in any emulator) everything works fine except whenever i hit a direction left or right + a button it activates the save state selection option. this is a problem because if youre in the middle of a jump in a direction it interrupts the input to switch the save state slot. for example left+a button will go down numerically in save state slots and right+a button will go up numerically in save state slots and every time those button combinations are pressed it interrupts the games normal input.

  • @shawmr91 looks like you set the hotkey as A. This is bad. I assume you press A and start to exit? You are activating the save state changing by pressing A and left or right. Try setting the hotkey as select or some other other button that is used very little. On my Ps3/xbox controllers i use the home buttons and on my Ps1 controllers I use L3.

  • shows how much of a noob i am haha. you are right i accidentally set the hot key to a. thanks alot.

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